I Was Online Selling Stuff Before Google Bought Their Domain Name

in july 1997, i bought my 1st domain name, designed it, and started selling stuff. credit card processing wasn’t around yet, so it was all mail order. obviously, google won 🙂

i learned programming on my own, mostly via trial and error. first i taught myself html, then cgi/perl, then php/mysql. i’ve always been adept with languages and found programming to be no different than conjugating english, french, etc…plus applying math i’ve learned to round it out.

i’m thinking about teaching myself how to program apps, but i think i might wait until more “apps in a can” come out to make it easier on me to play around with.

i also used to own/run a multi-million dollar corporation that faded after 20 years, but now that i’m broke again…i guess i’m not as smart as i thought i was. lessons learned.

until i think of a new lucrative project worth my time, effort, and energy, i’ll remember that time i was successful 🙂

people always ask me about starting their own website to make money with, but it’s too long of an answer. here’s the very short version:
1. buy your domain
2. hire me to help you (or hire someone, if not me 🙂
3. google and read everything about a newbie, online business.

if you think you have a groovy online business idea, i’m happy to help. my consulting fees are extremely competitive and i can create any type of site that can do anything you want (within reason…like building you a holodeck would be beyond my skill level 🙂

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If You Own A Website, PLEASE Stop Doing This!

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Are Your Participles Dangling? Misplaced Your Modifier?

hire me. i’m beyond excellent with grammar. i so know how to capitalize. extremely tech and computer savvy. editor for 2 years for a newspaper. hire me 🙂

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My Candle Business Fail

i got the idea about 5 years ago, to learn how to make candles. looked easy enough. people loved my candles so much they’d pay me to make specific scents for them. i was all-organic and had fun for a week. then it dawned on me while doing a big order….i do NOT want to be making candles all day and night forever. sure…i could teach someone or a company, but i thought it best to end it.

great business idea until i thought it through. i’ll just let “amazon candles” take care of it 🙂

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Opening Doors For Others (Is It A Southern Thing?)

mostly, i grew up in north carolina. then i learned the internet before the majority came along, so i attempted to sell websites to people. i went on over 100 calls. some were intrigued by the “concept”, while everyone else looked at me like i was speaking a the language of an unknown african tribe. i made 4 sales that cost me way more than the travel expenses, had to print new brochures that dumbed it down a bit, ramen noodles, etc. 🙂

one day, i got a wild hair to move to seattle. i had one friend who lived there who was happy to help me transition. rec’d all my ups shipments (like my heavy, at that time, desktop computer, monitor, and peripherals…along with quite a few shipments of stuff i argued with myself a lot to keep or lose forever. the computer and cat was all i really needed, i guess.

anyway…seattle proved to be a great decision as they were very high-tech with tech-savvy people (for the most part). after my culture shock (among the other horrible things i saw, i constantly ran into people begging for food or money and a LOT of homeless people of all ages. i actually had to switch off that ethical part of my program. i was helpless to help (hundreds a day).

the rain? for me, it seemed to rain mostly during non-summer times. summers were always cook-out ready 🙂

one of the many culture shocks was that people didn’t hold or open the door for you. perhaps a rare person, but probably a tourist. i retained my southern hospitality by always checking mu 180 to see if the next person needs a small help. but my big question is….is this just a southern thing or is it everywhere except seattle (even the pacific northwest at large?) just wonderin’ 🙂

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – One Of My Specialties, If Your Site Needs Help :)

the rules of google, bing, et al are constantly changing. what once was good for your site, can now be penalized by the big search engines.

no worries, though, because i’m a hardcore geek who keeps up daily on all changes that web sites need to comply with.

read about my work skills here.

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WordPress Got You Down? Don’t Worry…I Can Help!

i’m an expert in online programming (25 years experience) and i find wordpress for web design to be very simple. i understand, however, that many out there need a little (or a lot of) help, so just contact me with your issue(s) and i’ll see what i can do to be of help to you or your business 🙂 i can also help with your google and web presence so people can find you. i’m great at marketing ideas and would love to discuss that as well, if you’d like.

to see my skillset, click here.

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Hire Me! (Experienced Geek & Creative Wordsmith :)

Below is a brief list of the mad skills and experience I’ve obtained:

(Important: When hired, I promise not to bill you for breaks I take to watch cat videos. To you, this I promise.)


* Top 1% of my High School’s graduating class. No college degree.

* 2 Years As Editor-In-Chief For A Newspaper

* 7 Years of Management Experience in Retail

* CEO/Owner of Successful Company For Over 20 Years

* Advertising Executive For 3 Years

* Web Designer, Graphic Designer, & Programmer For Over 20 Years

* Expert With Grammar, Copy Editing, Proof Reading, & Digital Multi-Media

* Expert With Search Engines/SEO, Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce, & Most Areas Business-Related

* Computer Expert (Including PC/Network Security & Military-Grade Encryption Solutions) (PC/Windows Only)

* Sense of Humor, While Maintaining Professionalism

* Extremely Creative

* I can implement your project myself, manage a project, and/or help you as a consultant.

* Please Note: When I say “Expert”, that’s not hyperbole. Also, I have zero interest in any type of telemarketing or sales. I am very happy, however, to help you gain sales with the above mentioned skill set.


If you have a need for a website design and/or programming, I’m your guy! I can create any type of site and can program any features you need. Want a site (almost) exactly like Groupon, Facebook, Etsy, or any major site (but with your own twist)? I can do it for you!

My rates vary depending on scale of project. A simple blog would be less expensive than a clone of Groupon, for example. Contact me and let’s discuss 🙂

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Another New Business

i’ve started a web design and advertising agency called k-vegas.com.


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Started A New Business!

Visit Kernersville online and advertise your Kernersville, NC business!


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Kudos To Office Depot

kudos to office depot. had some problems and asked for an area or district manager. instead got cust. relations call from their corporate office who took care of everything…and then some 🙂 they seemed to really care about my complaint(s). nice change from so many other companies out there!

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Bastard The Cat

bastard cat – Bastard The Cat

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Pet Safety Stickers

Pet Safety Stickers

Pet Safety Sticker

Great sticker for those who have pets.  Just write the number of dogs and/or cats you have for fire & safety people should it be necessary.

Pet Safety Stickers

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