To My Exes (None Of Whom Are In Texas)

“if you’re searching the lines for a point,
well…you’ve probably missed it.
there was never anything there
in the first place.”

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Dear Dallas…

dear dallas,

you did something courageous that i could never do…you said goodbye.

i tried numerous times, but i never wanted to hurt you like that. i’m happy now that you had the courage to call it off. after 13 years, we went from making each other laugh to a weird sadness…so an ending was the best choice.

my anger when you left was, among other things, my fear of losing my best friend of 13 years. i was also angry that you barely helped with anything: with the chores, a job, nothing. you did “you know what” every day, remained that way all day/evening/night, and played video games almost 24/7. when you *finally* made an attempt at bringing in income, it was too late and you quit doing even that after a very short time and went back to playing video games, and continuing our arguments about your not doing chores. you’re not the only one to blame, but that was the case for our entire relationship. a little help could have made me see you in a different light…but you kept getting darker and i eventually didn’t even notice you any more.

anyway…butter, tommy, and i, wish you well and wish you happiness.

smell ya later,

he looka like a man

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