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all of amazon’s coupons listed on their site on this page!

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Top 3 Ways To Save Money

i’m a boy on a budget, so here are my top 3 ways to save money and/or gift cards. very simple:

1. use either ebates or before any purchase. trust me on this one. no fees/bs. long-term company (i’ve been with both of them over 10 years.)

2. use coupons!

3. i still don’t get people who won’t get a grocery store card. no credit’s required so everybody who’s breathing can get one. they track your shopping, i’m sure…but it can get you serious discounts. the government already has all your data, so dive on in!

please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, etc. 🙂

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It Only Makes Cents

(sorry for the trite pun.)


today i’m here to discuss making money from your purchases online. no, nothing sketchy. you simply have to go to, pick “,, etc.” (whatever store you’re getting ready to shop at) and then click the button. it will set a cookie on your computer and then give you money back for your purchase (rebate).

the only issue i have with the process of ordering is that i sometimes forget to go to ebates’ site first before ordering from somewhere. if you forget to let ebates set their cookie on your computer first, you won’t get the rebate! other than that, i LOVE using this site and getting a check every quarter for purchases i was going to make anyway. 🙂

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Groupon – For The Coupon Queens

If you haven’t heard of (or used) Groupon yet, then you’re either a newbie, like paying full price, or don’t understand it. I won’t comment on the first two, but I’d like to give just a touch of insight into the third one.

Groupon is a site that offers local coupons to those who sign up (it’s free and painless to sign up). You choose your area and then Groupon emails you coupons, sales, and discounts to local businesses or products near you. They only email you when a coupon’s available in your area. After you purchase, they email you what you bought (not immediately, but within a day or so. That’s it!

My Experience So Far: The first thing I ever bought from them was an Amazon gift certificate. It was a $20 gift certificate for $10. Way too good to pass up. My second (and only other) purchase was a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants. It was a $50 gift certificate for $25! Again, way too good to pass up. They’ve sent me emails over the past several months for massage, carpet cleaning, and other discounts that I don’t use so I didn’t buy. But those two deals made it worth my while, even though the majority of them I don’t use…but I remain hopeful for better goodies in my inbox soon 🙂

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