This Cat. OMG. This Cat.

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The Results Of My Heart X-Ray

what did they find?

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That Time I Called My Cat

(follow me on twitter!) this is my ode to the brilliant movie “airplane” 🙂

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Which Cat Gets The Chair Beside Me?

tommy & butter want to sit in the chair beside me. (butter usually gets it 🙂

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Me Lovin’ On Thomas O’Malley (One Of My Cats, Of Course :)

poor tommy has “cat herpes” (non-contagious to humans) and there’s nothing the vet or i can do about it. i wipe his eyes with special wipes every night and give him antibiotic eyedrops about 3 times a year. regardless, he is very loved 🙂

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Is This A Real (Not Photoshopped) Pic Of An Actual Cat?

stole this off twitter. is this real life?

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Tommy The Cat Has Some Issues :(

first, he has cat herpes. this causes a variety of upper respiratory issues in cats…his affects his eyes. i clean his eyes daily. nothing else can be done. the vet prescribes some triple meds eyedrops a few times a year, which helps for a little bit. i feel bad for him but, as cats usually do, he lives his life as though nothing’s wrong.

secondly, he’s a decade younger than butter (who just turned 18). butter has never wanted anything to do with tommy, yet tommy kept stalking butter and jumping on him wanting to play. butter used to be able to defend himself pretty well, but as he’s aging has lost a lot of strength and dexterity to run away. the last time tommy tried to pounce on him, butter bit the fuck out of tommy’s ear…which collapsed his ear’s blood vessels and you can see the result in the pic. it’s caused him no pain (maybe at first), i couldn’t afford the surgery and didn’t want him under dangerous anesthesia for a minor issue…so now he has a broken ear. he didn’t bother butter for about a month after butter fucked his ear up, btw.

this pic makes me a bit sad, but it’s the life of a cat daddy, i suppose 🙂

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I’m Not Falling For It Again, Cat.

thomas o’ malley is baiting me by being cute so i’ll rub his tummy…but it’s a trap! if i do, it will be like the first ten minutes of “saving private ryan” and then my hand is missing.

good try, tommy….good try.

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Cats Not Allowed In My Bedroom

i’ve never allowed any of my cats in my bedroom. my sleep is imperative and i need to remain undisturbed as much as possible (i’m constantly sleep-deprived, so i try to limit things that wake me up as much as possible). moreso…no cat hair on my bed!

that said…my bedroom door is always closed. the rare times that i accidentally leave it open, i arrive to find a kitty standing at the threshold peering inside at all the wonders of the world (through their eyes). unexplored territory with their daddy’s smell throughout…but they don’t cross the threshold.

when i first got butter (he’s almost 18 now!), he ran into my room the first chance he got when he was a newbie. immediately ran under the bed, of course. and it’s impossible to hand-reach a cowering cat underneath a king size bed with barely room enough for an arm to blindly feel around, so i used the “scare the shit out of him with extremely loud sounds” technique. he bolted out and never went in again (after a few more tries and scoldings)

if i’m just running into my bedroom to grab something real quick, i sometimes won’t close the door to latch close…it’s just cracked open a tad. tommy will nudge his head against the door and stick his head in…but won’t come inside.

it’s very funny to see, actually. i don’t carry my phone around with me, so i can never get a pic. one day, perhaps.

every morning i get up…for 4 years now….tommy sits outside my bedroom door in the hall and waits for me to get up and come out. he head butts my legs to death, gets petted, and follows me downstairs to do our morning socializing, get fresh food/water, and still doesn’t understand that i need an hour of coffee/wake-up time before i can play with him. butter, however, has learned to give me an hour to wake up. after i’ve been up an hour, butter starts meowing at me for attention.

it’s the only part of my days that i love. it’s the only joy, happiness, and love i experience or want anymore.

there’s so much love between us, i simply can’t put it into words to reflect its perfection and how carthartic they make me feel.

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My Cats Vs. My Voice

i’ve never lost my voice before. i’m 52. for 2 days now, it’s only gone away about the first 4 hours and then slowly comes back to something barely negligible . i can whisper just fine.

my cats go bonkers when i get up each day. they want to love on me, have me love on them, run around, meow a lot, etc. they do bad things that i usually holler at them about…but not lately. i can only whisper at them. it sounds like we’re at a funeral and i’m politely asking them to get off the coffin.

gently whispering “get off the fucking counter you asshole!” does NOT have the same effect as with my real voice.

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Religious Nutjobs Say…

religious zealots always say that gay people cause hurricanes, floods, disasters of all kinds…but that doesn’t make sense to me. i can’t even get my cat to stay off the kitchen counters.

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A Lazy Day With Tommy The Cat…

instead of cleaning the house, i did this all day instead…

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love hurts?

tommy the cat kneads me 🙂

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“Cat” Walk Video. I Love This Cat!

omg. this is the best cat video i’ve seen in a long time 🙂

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Ahahahahahah #catwalk #real #vakkoesmod #catmoss

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Butter The Cat Goes Derp :)

feeding butter the cat some grass and caught this funny expression 🙂

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My Snoring Kitty :)

one of my cats, butter, got caught being adorable and snoring (turn up your volume a bit to hear him snore 🙂

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Attack of the Kitty Eyeball!

my cat, butter 🙂

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