Time To End My Relationship With Amazon.com?

i felt left with no other choice but to write to jeff bezos himself. below is my email to him. i hope he sees it and still gives a damn.

(sorry, i spelled “ambivalent” wrong in the email 🙁

[UPDATE 8/30/2018] issues still exist. now amazon’s “executive customer service” has obviously grown numb to my recent (yet new) complaints. in the decades with them, i have rarely contacted them with an issue. when it rains, it proverbially pours i guess. am pricing all sites (walmart, petco, etc.) for products i regularly buy, as it seems i’ll be closing my amazon account shortly. this makes me sad. they used to be full of win and awesome and now that they rule the retail market, they stopped giving a shit it seems. they’ve lost control of the beast.

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