UnEasy Rider

my fuel pump went out on my car. had it towed to the garage who said it would be several hours, but offered to have the asst. manager give me a lift back to my house 7 miles away. cool.

or so i thought…

i’m 6’3″ and still had to hoist myself into his small penis compensating, 9-foot tall, truck. after 2 attempts, i finally got in. i reached over and buckled my seatbelt and when i turned back in my seat, he’d put on his “make america great again” red hat. fuck me.

it was a quiet ride, until i made the mistake of commenting on the guy walking on the wrong side of the road. i said “that boy’s gonna’ get hit. you’d think his momma would’ve taught him better.” to which he replied, “it’s because of all of this goddammned socialism!”

it was too late to pretend like i fell asleep, so i just remained silent. 7 miles. might as well have been 100 miles. longest. ride. ever. and…now he knows exactly where i live.

i thanked him for the ride, got out, and realized they had my keys. i forgot to get my fucking house key! fortunately, 14 years ago when i moved in, i put a spare key in one of those bolted security lock boxes that was hidden from eye’s view. although i’d completely forgotten i did that, i thanked jeebus that i did. however…it took me 10 tries to remember the code i would’ve used 14 years ago.

they offered to come get me to pick up my car, but i chose to take a cab instead.

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Famous Bethlehem Immigrants

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Trump Wrapping Paper

for your republican gift-giving, i present trump wrapping paper!

(as an amazon associate, i earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Death Be Not Proud (Or Necessary)

i’m 53, but used to be 19 🙂

i came out on my 19th birthday. i got the courage to go a secretly-located gay bar and, a year later, worked there as the door person.

weekends were a monster. the line to come in was long and the place was packed. a few months later, not so much. you see…hiv/aids was hitting america and we were just learning about it. not in the news, as much as watching a few friends suddenly get sick and die a very slow, painful, death. then “a few friends” became ten, a hundred, a thousand, and hundreds of thousands.

religious folks, politicians, and society in general, thought it was a “gay plague” and only gay people were affected. almost every church in america spewed their homophobic filth all over the news with “they’re getting what they deserve”, “ye reap, what ye sow”, and other cherry-picked bible quotes to make themselves holier than thou and to demonize us. because religion made or broke elections, the politicians echoed these sentiments in order to win elections.

i will never forget the genocide of hundreds of thousands of people (straight and lgbtq), because of this.

it wasn’t until a little boy got a blood transfusion, and a famous actor (who was thought to be straight), became infected with hiv…that something was finally done for study and prevention. all of a sudden, funding became available and, 7 or so years too late, people learned that anyone could become infected.

during this genocide by the government and churches, i watched a bar filled with hundreds turn into one filled with 50. nobody asked where anyone was, because we all knew they were either sick or dead. i hope you can picture the horror of this void, as well as empathize with the emotional scar this left on the survivors. to this day, i clearly remember all of my lost friends and still feel the incredulous pain from those losses.

when we realized what america truly thought of us, we (yet again) fought back. when you have a second, google “act up” for the desperate measures we had to take to get noticed and treated as human beings.

as lgbtq continues to “trend”, please remember those who fell. trump and his minions want to see us dead again…but we’ve kicked their collective asses before and will do it again as long as we don’t become complacent.

(pictured below is me with my best friend who died a week after this pic was taken. the doctors/nurses said not to touch him so i wouldn’t “catch it”, but i was ahead of the curve on hiv/aids education and knew better. i love and miss you still, jo-joe.)

please feel free to comment below and/or share this post.

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Religious Freedom? That Can Go Both Ways, Can’t It?

fuck your “religious freedom” of hate and bigotry.

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“I Miss Obama” Tweet

obama vs. trump #impeachtrump

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Trans Soldier?

please tell me which one is a trans soldier?

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Is Trump A Racist? Seth Meyers Has Some Answers.

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Happy Black History Month (And The Unknowns)

a fairly unknown, yet extremely famous, gay/black icon. read about her heroic activism here.

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George H.W. Bush Murdered My Friends…

on world’s aids day, today, i say fuk bush.

“They say to only speak good of the dead. He’s dead? Good.”

walk a mile in my shoes for a second: do you know what it’s like to walk into your local bar and 43% aren’t there? and not because they were at a concert, but because they were all sick, dying, or dead? 43% of my close friends and acquaintances gone forever. most didn’t even get an obituary because the family was so embarrassed. this is not hyperbole, btw.

that pos was responsible for killing millions of lgbtq (and straight) people. about 43% killed, due to him and his minions (basically) saying that we “deserved it” and would not fund research or even publicly say the words hiv or aids. it was a “gay disease”. instead he’d turn over the “issue” to religious people and we’d have to hear 24/7 about god and god’s punishment..blah, blah, blah. that was his decree of cowardice.

so, yes…fuk bush. i don’t mourn his death, i celebrate it.

(feel free to leave a comment whether you agree/understand or not)

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Political Photoshop Humor

the truth is out there.

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I Want This Hat

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Confrontation, Gay Cakes, Gay Marriage, Etc.

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What Does The Bible Say About Immigration?


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Trump & Kim Jong Un In Love

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Boycott Anti-Gay Koch Brother’s Products!


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Remembering Reagan

we'll never forget that idiot's genocide.

Posted by Allen McNulty on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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