The “C” Word.

whether you like it or not, the word “cunt” is in our vernacular. i’ve always listened to arguments against my using the word. (i don’t use it often…either for dark humor or as an actual name i’m calling someone like “kim davis”.

men don’t seem to care, but women flock to the battlefield on this one.

please comment below your opinion if it can be used, any caveats, etc.


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My Cats Vs. My Voice

i’ve never lost my voice before. i’m 52. for 2 days now, it’s only gone away about the first 4 hours and then slowly comes back to something barely negligible . i can whisper just fine.

my cats go bonkers when i get up each day. they want to love on me, have me love on them, run around, meow a lot, etc. they do bad things that i usually holler at them about…but not lately. i can only whisper at them. it sounds like we’re at a funeral and i’m politely asking them to get off the coffin.

gently whispering “get off the fucking counter you asshole!” does NOT have the same effect as with my real voice.

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Another “Me On Twitter” Post

it’s a bit boring on twitter without your love, devotion, and smartass comments. follow me on twitter! @allenmcnulty

i permanently deleted facebook months ago, btw. was thinking about trying what’s app, but i’ll have to read stuff.

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Gay People Need Their Own “Good Times”, Michael Character…

michael was a character on the show “good times”. over time, michael kept trying to teach black history, culture, etc. it was brilliant when he replaced with black jesus. basically, he stopped giving a fuk and educating black (and white) people about his knowledge or feelings. thankfully, he balanced out jj’s goofy ass. 🙂

why don’t we, the lgtbq community, have our own “michael”?

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Who’s Watching The Organic Stuff? And Is Anyone Watching Them, Too?

organic products have obviously begun their boom into every store. i’m sure there’s a site on google that gives reviews and info. lazy, but wondering.

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Don’t Forget, My Black Friends…

don’t. trust. whitey.

but seriously though….pretty much don’t. you just don’t know who’s a good witch or a bad witch. i’ve had many white friends and acquaintances for many moons and i’m shocked when i suddenly hear them go all racist on me. i could have known him a while, too, and he just never said anything bad before that i ever noticed. i’ve got really good blackdar.

you know why your mom, dad, and probably grandparents gave you “the talk” until you were beyond of hearing it anymore? because, unfortunately, they had to. losing you would have almost killed them and they (whether you knew it or not) worried about you 24/7/365 *366 on leap year 🙂

since most of my childhood friends were black, i was hanging with them for many years. seeing a somewhat different culture, the power of the mom, the incredible fucking food!, the laughter, the best put-down (i could never get the dozens right), and seeing the horror many of them went through as black folk. i just didn’t get it. i did…but i didn’t. racism seemed so stupid to me. and, before i forget…the music. i grew up on the country my mom played and the black music of my childhood. i stayed with it until it turned into violent hate, bragging about murder, who has the best/most stuff, etc. it just wasn’t the cool old school i lived my young life with.

i hated that my racist mom wouldn’t allow any of my (non-white) friends over to my house. she let one black friend on a bday. kevin morrison from parkton – hope mills, nc. we went to rockfish elementary school 4-6 grade together. we had quite a few classes together over the years. i was smart af and i was but a shadow to his intelligence. he was funny, sweet, brilliant, and my best friend for those years. then we moved to way too far away (fayetteville was pretty big). and we never saw or heard from each other again…that i can recall. i had a whole page reserved for him and he started a short sentence beginning but forgot to finish it. i always wondered what he’d say.

if you read this, kevin morrison, please contact me by commenting below. i can delete your private info after you post so it’s not all out on the web and stuff 🙂

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If I Hit The Big Lottery…

i promise to be an instrument of good.

i’ll be a good witch, not a bad one 🙂

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My Candle Business Fail

i got the idea about 5 years ago, to learn how to make candles. looked easy enough. people loved my candles so much they’d pay me to make specific scents for them. i was all-organic and had fun for a week. then it dawned on me while doing a big order….i do NOT want to be making candles all day and night forever. sure…i could teach someone or a company, but i thought it best to end it.

great business idea until i thought it through. i’ll just let “amazon candles” take care of it 🙂

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Geek: CGI/Perl & PHP/MySQL

no matter what you think about the programming lanquage, php/mysql, you have to always remember that they used cgi/perl to create it.

i have a folder of old cgi/perl scripts. not sure why i keep it.

comment below, please, if you have any comments about this…

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Mom’s Words Still Ring True…

“whenever in doubt, read the instructions.”

she said that a bazillion times to me…usually saying it when i’m stuck on a project and start getting pissy.

i don’t know if her dad drilled the same line into her and she passed it on…or what.

that line still helps. i’ll have to google its etymology.

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I’m Here & On Twitter. Nothing Else. Hoping On A Holodeck, Though…

i should be putting my twitter posts here instead. twitter’s too weird for me. @allenmcnulty is my twitter name if you want to read my crap and/or follow me 🙂

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“maude” and “the jeffersons” (two of my favorites) were spinoff shows from “all in the family”.

in case you didn’t know. ok, i’m bored….

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Top 3 Ways To Save Money

i’m a boy on a budget, so here are my top 3 ways to save money and/or gift cards. very simple:

1. use either ebates or before any purchase. trust me on this one. no fees/bs. long-term company (i’ve been with both of them over 10 years.)

2. use coupons!

3. i still don’t get people who won’t get a grocery store card. no credit’s required so everybody who’s breathing can get one. they track your shopping, i’m sure…but it can get you serious discounts. the government already has all your data, so dive on in!

please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, etc. 🙂

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Dear Dallas…

dear dallas,

you did something courageous that i could never do…you said goodbye.

i tried numerous times, but i never wanted to hurt you like that. i’m happy now that you had the courage to call it off. it had been over for a while, so an ending was the best choice.

my anger when you left was, among other things, my fear of losing my best friend of 13 years. i was also angry that you barely helped with anything: with the chores, a job, nothing. you did “you know what” every day, remained that way all day/evening/night, and played video games almost 24/7. when you *finally* made an attempt at bringing in income, it was too late and you quit doing even that after a very short time and went back to playing video games, and continuing our arguments about your not doing chores. you’re not the only one to blame, but that was the case for our entire relationship. a little help could have made me see you in a different light…but you kept getting darker and i eventually didn’t even notice you any more.

so me, butter, and tommy, wish you well and hope you become a responsible adult one day.

smell ya later,

he looka like a man

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Onomatopoeia Childhood (Original “Adam West” Batman TV Show)

batman was one of my favorite tv shows. during fight scenes it used a lot of onomatopoeia by splashing words on the tv screen…like “POW!” and “BOOM!” maybe that was there way of getting around the censors for violence? regardless, it became an icon.

i bet they saved a lot of footage and editing doing that. plus, it was weirdly cool.

(i should buy one of those subscription sites where i can use any of their images without copyright issues.)

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Leave This Lying On The Counter For When Your Partner Gets Home :)

(it’s catnip 🙂

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Combatting Racism One Step At A Time? Comment Below To Give Your Opinion…

i think black and white people should get together and start a dialog. perhaps compromise one thing per group, as an act of good faith.

i think white people should get a pass on saying the n-word ONLY when it’s in a song. or at least, discuss any ground rules. it’s a tough one, i know…but it’s in the fucking song and i want so sing ALL of my songs without that constant censor. fucks up flow one about every song. if we find prominent, multiple, concurring studies that this act is the cause of creating and increase in racism somehow….deal’s off.

black people? that’s a biggie to ask, so would you agree and, if so, how to compensate?

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