That Time I Called My Cat

(follow me on twitter!) this is my ode to the brilliant movie “airplane” 🙂

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Dear Little Red Squiggly Line:

follow me on twitter or you’re a stupid head.

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Yes I’m Eating Healthy. Wanna Fight About It?

organic chocolate chip cookies is the only way to eat healthy 🙂


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School (And I Didn’t Sleep With Her)

when i was in high school, i worked as a dishwasher and bar back at a restaurant/night club. i went in at 5:00pm, where i washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen until around 10:00pm. then the restaurant converted into a nightclub, where i bar backed (restocked beer, liquor, glassware, kegs, etc. for the bar). i worked until 2 or 3 in the morning (depending on daylight savings time). i did this 4 nights a week (on average)…2 week nights and 2 weekend nights, during 10th and 11th grades.

i was late for school almost every day, usually rolling in about 2nd period or so. it was spotty for me to make it in for 1st period.

the place was fairly new and unheard of when it first opened, but soon became a hot spot. soon after, some of my school’s teachers started frequenting there at nights. at first, they were a bit taken back by my being there, but then got drunk and didn’t care 🙂

my class load was also harsh. i was taking ap (advanced placement) classes and classes usually reserved for higher grades. i maintained an “a” average by the end of each year, though. perhaps this is why they let me break so many rules…the teachers who saw me working there all the time must have told my own teachers why i needed to break a few rules (and i’ll always be appreciative for that!)

* no eating/drinking in class – i brought my breakfast into whatever class i showed up in in the morning….not to be a dick, but because a growing boy gets fuk’n hungry and needs food! nobody said a word, except for pissed off students who didn’t like me getting “special” treatment.

* x amount of days being tardy meant suspension/expulsion – my pink tardy slips in my file was so full, the folder couldn’t hold them all. when the principal took out the folder, pink slips flew everywhere. i got a slight scolding, but no punishment. (thank you, again!)

* teachers must be ethical – in 11th grade, i was professor henry higgins in “my fair lady”. 7 performances. at the time, that role had the most lines of any character in any musical ever written. plus my classes got harder. plus, i bought my own car and needed to work still to pay the insurance. that said…i never attended my 5th period geometry class, because of rehearsals, etc. that teacher frequented the place where i worked. after the play was over, it was past the point of me catching up. i never took a single test in that class either. she secretly gave me an “a” every report card and told me never to reveal it (i think all my teachers are dead now, so this it’s probably ok to snitch now 🙂

i got fired the summer before 12th grade. the owner and one of the bartenders were an item and she told him that she and i slept together. no clue why. although i hadn’t come out yet, i was gay and definitely not interested in sex with girls…but that was a different time and i couldn’t come out to defend myself and disprove the lie.

in 12th grade, their business went belly-up and i worked part-time at an easy place in order to focus on school.

i graduated with all a’s 🙂

my thanks to everyone for helping me through it all…and i hope he and his gf reads this before they die.

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Test A Cat’s Patience And You’ll Lose.

funny cat (maru?) video.

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Good Kitty!

good kitty for bad dog meme 🙂

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In The Event Of An Emergency….

in the event of an emergency…he’s still going to leave you, janice!

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Ha! (Funny Cat N’ Dog Gif)

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My New Favorite Drawing :)

cutest drawing ever.

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Sorry For This Hitler Post, But I Have Questions

did all the people with the last name “hitler” keep their names after the war? i mean, adolf couldn’t have been the only one with that last name.

are there people who changed their last name or kept it? are there businesses in germany with “hitler” as the company name…like “Hitler’s Daycare” or “Hitler’s Plumbing”?

i have questions…

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If You Own A Website, PLEASE Stop Doing This!

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Which Cat Gets The Chair Beside Me?

tommy & butter want to sit in the chair beside me. (butter usually gets it 🙂

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All This Hate Over……

all this hate over someone’s melanin. sure…some cultural differences, but who the fuck cares? this is about life…not about you and your sorry, hate-filled, racist, ass.

feel free to whitesplain it to me below in the comments, because i just don’t get it.

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Metric System (I Love Wanda Sykes)

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“I Miss Obama” Tweet

obama vs. trump #impeachtrump

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Great Quote From The Late Robin Williams

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