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Won $1000 On A Scratch-Off Ticket!

Woo-Hoo! I won a thousand bucks on a scratch-off ticket (around 7-something after taxes). That last little star made my day 🙂

scratch-off ticket winner

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Please Don’t Buy Sony Products!

I"ve had one Sony product after another crap out on me (way before their time) over the past few years.  Sony is not the quality product it was when I was growing up.  Samsung and LG are the new Sony.

I bought a Sony Playstation3 and it has worked flawlessly until around a month ago. After their system update, 3.01, none of our game discs would play anymore (they would freeze after a few minutes of play). I emailed Sony about this and they said I need to send in my system and pay them $150.00 to fix it because my system is over a year old (ie, warranty expired). After checking their forums and other gaming forums for a cheaper fix, I discovered that hundreds (thousands?) of others were having the exact same problem after the 3.01 update.

After a month of waiting/hoping on a fix in a new system update from Sony, a week ago it arrived and we downloaded it (3.10 was the update number). Well…that made things even worse. None of our game discs would load so we could play them at all (at least before they'd play for a few minutes). Their forums began filling with countless people who now had completely broken PS3 consoles, so I knew I wasn't alone. I called Sony's customer service number and "John" had me do a system restore to try and fix it. That didn't fix the issue(s) and he said there was nothing else they could do and that I'd have to send in my console and pay them $150.00 to fix it. I told him that I should not have to pay anything since it was clearly their update(s) that caused the console to break, regardless of my warranty expiring. Sony broke my working console (and thousands of others) and are now trying to get a whopping $150 from me? I don't think so.

This isn't the first time I've had a bogus Sony product, but the other time it happened I wrote it off as…sometimes a company that mass-produces products will have some come off the assembly line as bunk. I was forgiving and gave them more of my money….but the buck stops here. I will never give them a fucking cent of my money again and I strongly encourage you to not buy Sony products. I realize that I'm some guy you don't know, but all I can say is that I'm a nice guy who is being honest with you about my experience. I have a $300 paperweight and they don't give a flying fuck. That's not to say that Samsung, LG, or one of the myriad of other companies who will be getting my money from now on won't screw me over….but apparently this is all I can do and just hope that you read this and decide to give your money to anyone other than Sony.

I know there are bigger problems in the world, so thanks for listening 🙂

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Republicans Like To “Rape” Democrats?

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ninja kitty

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this link kills spam

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i turned 43 on april 4, 2009. had a groovy party at “the garage” in seattle where we played pool, drank a lot, laughed even more, and my friends got to decorate my birthday cakes in any way they wanted. as you can see from a couple of the cakes i’m posting here, my friends aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

birthday cake
birthday cake - the phrase was a private joke with my friend reis obrien and the penis was...well...a penis
i actually turned 43.  weren't they clever and imaginative?  the cake in the back was called "69 nipples" designed by stephanie looney.
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lolcats (still funny after all these years)

if you’re new to the web and haven’t seen “icanhascheezburger” (also known as lolcats), then click here and enjoy.

if you’ve already seen it, then go there again because they’re constantly adding to and changing the site. some of them are bleh while others are brilliantly executed. i hadn’t been there in many months and noticed they have a way for you to do your own lolcats captions for the site.

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Remember Waking Up To This?

tv test pattern with sound
tv test pattern with sound

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Look At The Post Dates First

Always look at the date of the blog post on any post I (or anyone, for that matter) make about technology. Technology changes so fast that opinions, guesses, observations can’t always keep up. Also…casual blog posters don’t have time to bring old posts up-to-date. For example…my post about Blu-Ray stopped being the case when the prices dropped exponentially.

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Soy Makes Kids Gay?

According to a Jim Rutz article at the World Net Daily website “Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality. That’s why most of the medical (not socio-spiritual) blame for today’s rise in homosexuality must fall upon the rise in soy formula and other soy products.”

Well gang, he figured out our scheme. Damn you, Jim Rutz….damn you.

On to Plan B where our recruits hypnotize the newborn babies in the hospital before they go home. This time, we won’t leave a trace for the likes of Rutz to take to forensics.

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Anita Bryant Pie In Face

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don’t buy a blu-ray player (buy a ps3 instead)

using as a reference, i searched for blu-ray players and the cheapest ones are 399.99. the sony playstation 3 video game system, however, also has a blu-ray player included and its cost is also 399.99.

although i don’t play many playstation games, buying a blu-ray player with a gaming system for the same price seemed only logical. the quality is superb (yes, it goes up to 1080p and 1080i) and, in case you didn’t already know this, it also plays non-bluray dvd’s.

Sony PlayStation 3 40GB System

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Bush’s Last Day (Show Your Anticipation!)

You’ve gotta’ love the “Bush’s Last Day” throw pillow. I’m buying one for grandma!

bush sucks

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Google Provides Free 411 Service

i hate getting hit with a 411 surcharge on my cell phone, so i was happy to find this little nugget. instead of dialing “411” for information, dial “1-800-GOOG-411”.

according to their video, if your phone has internet access you can also get a map of the neighborhood around the business you’re looking up.

most importantly, it’s free.

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I Can’t Wait To Buy One

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How To Launch Your Own Domain Name and Blog

people ask me how to get their own domain name and start their own blog and here’s what i tell them:

1. to get your own blog, there are tons of free blog sites out there. you can google them easily. the problem with the free blogs is the advertising and censorship (if they don’t like what you posted then they can delete you without warning). so…i recommend setting up your own domain and blog.

2. it’s actually very easy. not just because i know how to do it but because others have told me they figured it out quickly and painlessly. personally, i prefer Dotster

Don’t let all the different options confuse you. Just get the cheapest Linux plan and a wordpress blog (like this one) is included. the learning curve you’ll have to go through is learning about bandwidth (everytime someone visits your site it uses bandwidth and subtracts from your allowed bandwidth useage for the account plan you’ve chosen. i suggest getting the cheapest plan and then upgrading if you see that your site is very popular and using more bandwidth than you first thought would be utilized.

after setting up your account and blog, just explore through your blog’s admin section. there are lots of functions that you can use (or not) and posting your first blog entry is as easy as typing it and hitting “publish”.

note: when you buy a domain name you have to renew the domain name each year. if you choose not to renew (and they give you several reminders months in advance of expiration), then you don’t have to. it’s a great investment, however, as you can then get your emails at and just have it forwarded to your isp. this is a good thing because if you move or change isp’s you don’t have to tell everyone to change your email address…you just go in and change your forwarding address to your new isp and nobody knows any different.

some more details on domain names at wikipedia:

Dotster has some great help files as well.

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