Another Old Pic

this was one of my costumes when i played professor henry higgins in “my fair lady”. pictured to the left is my cousin, nina. pictured to the right is my illustrious, wonderful, loving, late, aunt florene. they drove all the way to see me in one of the nightly shows. 🙂

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Cute And Useful Front Door Sticker: “Don’t Let Cats Out”

(click the pic to see on amazon 🙂

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If Someone Doesn’t Make Me These Muppet Cupcakes Right Now, I Swear I’ll….

i don’t know who, but someone made muppet cupcakes. 🙂

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Here’s One Minute Of Pure Joy

i really liked the dodo’s animal compilation video. 🙂

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Me At 24yo

would anyone like to buy some insurance from this guy? 🙂

allen mcnulty

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My “Joke”

i think about sex every 3.14 minutes everyday. i’m pisexual.

(thank you! thank you, ladies and gentlemen! i’ll be here all night. please tip your servers.)

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Some (Closet) Geek Stuff About Me Most Do Not Know

i promise you will not find this interesting. maybe if you’re another geek 🙂

1. i taught myself a web programming language called “html” in 1995 a few months after touching my first computer and figuring out windows 3.1

2. in 1997, i obtained my first domain name (it was bought before google bought 🙂 to have “e-commerce” going in my first online business. all mail order until the banks learned what the “internet” actually was. lol

3. later self-taught myself cgi/perl and then somewhat proficient in php/mysql.

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I Played “Santa” In Our 1st Grade Play

1st or 2nd grade. can’t remember.

i had no lines but to sometimes just go “ho ho ho!” when the teacher pointed at me. during one song they cast were singing, i stood in front of them (while they were singing to the audience), put my hands on my hips, and started going “ho ho ho!” over and over again until the teacher guided me backstage.

i was an f’n hit! officially, i killed during my first performance (filmed in front of a live studio audience).

unfortunately, i ruined it for the next day of performances because i got sick and couldn’t go to school the next day. again, sorry to my fans.

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Best Cat Pic Of The Year Contender?

(click here for 2019’s winner.)

this could be this year’s winner front-runner.

funny cat pic

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Best. Grandma. Ever.

cursing grandma gives gas money to grandson.

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Funny Cat Food Video :)

funny cat food video.

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This “Grief Quote” Though…

“Human, dog, cat, hamster, goldfish…a loss is a loss to someone. Don’t minimize people’s emotional attachment to something because you don’t hold it at the same value as they do.

Have some fucking respect for people’s heartache.”

— “Sin & Tonic” @crownsandthings

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Father & Daughter Funny Video

so cute!

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Mothers And Sons

she told me once that she was starting to feel like she had to walk on eggshells around me, never acknowledging my entire life of walking on broken glass around her.

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Colbert Seriously Thanks Mitt Romney

video clip (i do not own copyright) of stephen colbert thanking mitt romney for being the only republican with balls.

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Was Mary Magdalene Jesus’ Beard?

at my mid-age, this is my first conspiracy theory (i think). you’re welcome.

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Cats Are Not Property

“the law says cats are ‘property’. they are not. they own us…we don’t own them.” — allen mcnulty

(shameless plug: if you like this, take a look at how groovy it is on tshirts, coffee mugs, etc. here 🙂

cat coffee mug you can buy at store

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