Mine. (Kitty Gif)

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I Wrote A Short Story About Me. You’re Welcome.

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A Video I Took Of My Friend, Joe Waldera

i have a friend named “joe waldera”. so you know him, too…here’s a video i took of joe waldera.

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The Ending Is What Really Made Me LOL

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Triple Coupon Day At The Grocery Store

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One Of My Favorite “Cat” Quotes

β€œWhen a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

— Mark Twain

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Trans Bathroom Issue

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Best Cat Pic of 2019

i do not know who owns the rights to this amazing cat pic. it is not mine. if it’s yours, please contact me!

this cat pic has made me smile every time i look at it.

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Funniest Cat Video Of 2019


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Almost Won The Lottery

i almost won the lottery, but none of my numbers matched.

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Best (And Cheapest) Wireless Home Security – 2019

you may not have heard of the “wyze” brand, but it’s the real deal. high quality, basic home security, at incredibly low pricing. see the ratings and google if you have doubt πŸ™‚

wyze home security

cheap wireless home security

*as an amazon associate, i earn from qualifying purchases.

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Turkey Boy (Funny Video)

this cracked me up.

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Funny Meme

although i don’t imbibe anymore, i still thought this was funny πŸ™‚

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The Family Of Know-It-Alls

both parents are know-it-all’s. they raised their 3 kids to be know-it-all’s. they have other mental issues, as well, but the know-it-all part is what always got me. they all struggle every day and every night with this…and don’t even know it. ahhhh…irony.

the fucked up matriarch kept commenting on our friendship by saying “i’m in this for the long haul”. she said this for over a year (i think she read the line somewhere and took it as her own). then, when i went into a deep and long depression…not contacting or seeing anyone for almost a year…she ghosted me. we were friends for 40 years.

i guess what i’m saying is: fuck each and every one of you cunts. i wish for pain and misery for all of you. but you probably already knew that.

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UnEasy Rider

my fuel pump went out on my car. had it towed to the garage who said it would be several hours, but offered to have the asst. manager give me a lift back to my house 7 miles away. cool.

or so i thought…

i’m 6’3″ and still had to hoist myself into his small penis compensating, 9-foot tall, truck. after 2 attempts, i finally got in. i reached over and buckled my seatbelt and when i turned back in my seat, he’d put on his “make america great again” red hat. fuck me.

it was a quiet ride, until i made the mistake of commenting on the guy walking on the wrong side of the road. i said “that boy’s gonna’ get hit. you’d think his momma would’ve taught him better.” to which he replied, “it’s because of all of this goddammned socialism!”

it was too late to pretend like i fell asleep, so i just remained silent. 7 miles. might as well have been 100 miles. longest. ride. ever. and…now he knows exactly where i live.

i thanked him for the ride, got out, and realized they had my keys. i forgot to get my fucking house key! fortunately, 14 years ago when i moved in, i put a spare key in one of those bolted security lock boxes that was hidden from eye’s view. although i’d completely forgotten i did that, i thanked jeebus that i did. however…it took me 10 tries to remember the code i would’ve used 14 years ago.

they offered to come get me to pick up my car, but i chose to take a cab instead.

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Famous Bethlehem Immigrants

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Trump Wrapping Paper

for your republican gift-giving, i present trump wrapping paper!

(as an amazon associate, i earn from qualifying purchases.)

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