Trans Bathroom Issue

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UnEasy Rider

my fuel pump went out on my car. had it towed to the garage who said it would be several hours, but offered to have the asst. manager give me a lift back to my house 7 miles away. cool.

or so i thought…

i’m 6’3″ and still had to hoist myself into his small penis compensating, 9-foot tall, truck. after 2 attempts, i finally got in. i reached over and buckled my seatbelt and when i turned back in my seat, he’d put on his “make america great again” red hat. fuck me.

it was a quiet ride, until i made the mistake of commenting on the guy walking on the wrong side of the road. i said “that boy’s gonna’ get hit. you’d think his momma would’ve taught him better.” to which he replied, “it’s because of all of this goddammned socialism!”

it was too late to pretend like i fell asleep, so i just remained silent. 7 miles. might as well have been 100 miles. longest. ride. ever. and…now he knows exactly where i live.

i thanked him for the ride, got out, and realized they had my keys. i forgot to get my fucking house key! fortunately, 14 years ago when i moved in, i put a spare key in one of those bolted security lock boxes that was hidden from eye’s view. although i’d completely forgotten i did that, i thanked jeebus that i did. however…it took me 10 tries to remember the code i would’ve used 14 years ago.

they offered to come get me to pick up my car, but i chose to take a cab instead.

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Burning Bridges Can Be A Good Thing

people say to never burn bridges. unfortunately, some bridges connect to toxic substances and things/people to be forever avoided.

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If You Own A Website, PLEASE Stop Doing This!

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Opt-Out Of All Marketing From Spectrum

i was getting spectrum offers in the mail twice a week…and most of the offers never applied to me (only to new customers). regardless, it was a waste.

on this page, you can opt-out of receiving all types of spectrum ads (tv, internet, snail mail, email, etc.)

i opted out of everything. i just need their internet service (which has always been very reliable in my area).

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All These New Automated Car Features…

maybe i’m just getting old, but i don’t like my car making decisions for me when i’m driving it. auto braking if it senses a certain distance or object, steering for me if i barely move over the line for a second, etc.

how about we teach people how to fuk’n drive, pay attention, obey the laws, turn their phones off, etc. instead? my driving record (knock on wood) has been crystal clean for over 30 years, btw.

i do (sort of) like the rear-view camera monitors, but i think it would take me a long time to not use my eyes. i trust my own vision, thus far, although the rear-view camera might be an added benefit in case a small child is behind me that i can’t see.

i have difficulties sometimes parallel parking, so i’d love to test that feature to see if it sucks or actually does the job.

comment below with your thoughts….

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Documentaries Have Become Too Scary

i used to love documentaries about rosa parks’ life, etc., but now they all make me never want to touch water, eat anything, or leave my house. wtf happened? i don’t feel like i’m watching the propaganda ones, but they all end up telling me it’s over and i’m going to wake up dead.

i don’t want to bury my head in the proverbial sand, but lighten the fuck up and show some positive stuff sometimes!

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Kill An Elephant And Then Brag?

these asshole trophy hunters kill elephants and then brag about it via pics, social media, etc. what’s the brag? i mean…the thing is the size of wyoming and typically travels in groups. where’s the skill? what’s the purpose?

shoot a fly at 100 yards and then maybe i’ll be impressed by your brag.

i own guns for home protection and haven’t been invaded by an elephant. yet.

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I Figured Out How To Fight & Kill Batman

was watching some batman movies recently (dark knight and batman begins) and noticed something…about a third of his face is exposed. no protection at all. all cheeks, chin, and complete mouth.

if batman ever came at me, i’d just aim for that part and stop hitting his armored suit parts like everyone else does. a shotgun blast to his mouth would pretty much end his career.

please comment below if you agree/disagree…

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I’m A Dumbass Geek

everyone who knows me knows that i heart anything tech/geek/nerd. i find technology easy (so far). but my brain forgot stuff.

i had to go to the big city. entered the address into my gps and off i went. should have taken about 20 minutes, but they shut down the major interstate (in the area i needed to exit at on i-40) and i never updated my gps unit. it’s free to upgrade and only takes a few minutes to do, but it had been a year since i remembered to do it. so, of course, it didn’t know about the interstate detours and kept sending me in figure 8’s until i realized that i was “groundhog day” movie driving.

thought i could find it on my own, but ended up behind a wardrobe in narnia, somehow.

never once dawned on me that my high-priced, state of the art, smartphone, had gps on it. never crossed my mind.

asked directions 4 times until someone got it right. half a tank of gas later, i arrived.

then i had to go back home, but i was lucky to have once been in that area before and knew a side road home.

live and learn.

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“Aquaman” Was Rarely Wet. Please Explain In Comments Section…

watched justice league and aquaman did everything out of water. even when that area was being flooded with water he could barely hold it back…but he’s aquaman! shouldn’t that have been the easiest task in the world for him? i mean, the ocean is much more mighty. i was confused by his ability to fly, too…but it is a comic/movie, so maybe that’s just a thing he can do that i was unaware of.

then i just watched the “aquaman” movie. why do the gods of the ocean need ships and sharks/seahorses to ride on (seemed slower and clumsier than their actual swimming abilities)? why was almost all of the movie showing aquaman fighting on land?

i admit…i don’t remember reading much of him in comics as a kid, but still…

please school me below in the comments section…

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Publisher’s Clearing House Math Makes No Sense. Does It To You?

some finance sites say that publisher’s clearing house (pch) made about 106M last year (so this post assumes that those figures are accurate)…but they claim to give away tens of millions a year. are they just the nicest people in the world to give away most of their profits or is it a total scam? i just don’t understand how they can be giving away such a HUGE portion of their profits like that? they’re not a charity organization or philanthropists (that i’m aware of)…so what am i missing here?

they’ve got many offices across the nation, so their operating/payroll/etc. costs must be quite high, as well.

not trying to bad-mouth them or discourage people from entering…i just want answers 🙂

please comment below…

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Food Delivery Finally In Kernersville (DoorDash)

definitely a bit pricey, but totally worth it when needed. doordash is delivering food from restaurants in kernersville now!

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Comment On Any Blog Post And You Could Win $3.14 Tomorrow On 3/14 (Pi Day!)

just find a blog post that burns your soul to comment on. if you’re one of the best, i’ll send you $3.14 tomorrow on pi day. paypal? i don’t know.

(some rules: us only, void where prohibited, objects in mirror may appear closer (that’s what he said.)

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How To Eat Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal (With Minimal Damage)

eating cap’n crunch peanut butter cereal is all about the timing…

when you put the milk in, always poor to the bottom (not all over all the pieces)…then you eat the ones hit with milk first. give it just a moment to soften enough (but not too much).

it really is the timing.

once you find your groove, you’ll be printing out online coupons for more boxes.

they were recalled a few months ago, but they say they’ll be back 🙂

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Cooking Time Fail

i was supposed to nuke the lasagna for 12 minutes. unknowingly, i typed in something digital that neil degrasse tyson couldn’t understand.

fortunately, i walked by and noticed the really, really long time remaining and stopped it. but here’s the caveat…how long was it in there? how much longer would it need?

i hate to admit it, but since lasagna has to be cooked perfectly, it went to the violent death of the garbage disposal. it didn’t’ deserve that for my own stupidity.

thank god it was on sale, though.

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His Name Was…

my college roommate placement card came in the mail, sometime in 1984. it had my new roommate’s name and contact info so we could discuss stuff.

his name on the card was “Bracey Frederick Fountain III” from nc. of course, that name exploded my curiosity.

(he went by “brock”, btw.)

he was a very cool guy. i was a shitty roommate. i was an only child and i didn’t get certain shit yet. i first tried (and fell in deep love with) mary jane. i was high 24/7. never went to a class. after a year, they (very politely) asked me to leave and not come back.

brock…look me up anytime…

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