The “C” Word.

whether you like it or not, the word “cunt” is in our vernacular. i’ve always listened to arguments against my using the word. (i don’t use it often…either for dark humor or as an actual name i’m calling someone like “kim davis”.

men don’t seem to care, but women flock to the battlefield on this one.

please comment below your opinion if it can be used, any caveats, etc.


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Another “Me On Twitter” Post

it’s a bit boring on twitter without your love, devotion, and smartass comments. follow me on twitter! @allenmcnulty

i permanently deleted facebook months ago, btw. was thinking about trying what’s app, but i’ll have to read stuff.

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Don’t Forget, My Black Friends…

don’t. trust. whitey.

but seriously though….pretty much don’t. you just don’t know who’s a good witch or a bad witch. i’ve had many white friends and acquaintances for many moons and i’m shocked when i suddenly hear them go all racist on me. i could have known him a while, too, and he just never said anything bad before that i ever noticed. i’ve got really good blackdar.

you know why your mom, dad, and probably grandparents gave you “the talk” until you were beyond of hearing it anymore? because, unfortunately, they had to. losing you would have almost killed them and they (whether you knew it or not) worried about you 24/7/365 *366 on leap year 🙂

since most of my childhood friends were black, i was hanging with them for many years. seeing a somewhat different culture, the power of the mom, the incredible fucking food!, the laughter, the best put-down (i could never get the dozens right), and seeing the horror many of them went through as black folk. i just didn’t get it. i did…but i didn’t. racism seemed so stupid to me. and, before i forget…the music. i grew up on the country my mom played and the black music of my childhood. i stayed with it until it turned into violent hate, bragging about murder, who has the best/most stuff, etc. it just wasn’t the cool old school i lived my young life with.

i hated that my racist mom wouldn’t allow any of my (non-white) friends over to my house. she let one black friend on a bday. kevin morrison from parkton – hope mills, nc. we went to rockfish elementary school 4-6 grade together. we had quite a few classes together over the years. i was smart af and i was but a shadow to his intelligence. he was funny, sweet, brilliant, and my best friend for those years. then we moved to way too far away (fayetteville was pretty big). and we never saw or heard from each other again…that i can recall. i had a whole page reserved for him and he started a short sentence beginning but forgot to finish it. i always wondered what he’d say.

if you read this, kevin morrison, please contact me by commenting below. i can delete your private info after you post so it’s not all out on the web and stuff 🙂

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Recycling Being Thrown In The Landfills?

here i stayed on my recycling pedestal. about 70% recycle and 30% trash a week. they only pick up recycling every other week, btw.

anyway…i try to recycle everything i use. sorry i lost the link and am too lazy to google it, but several prominent news organizations did reports alleging that recycling companies recycle and then sell it. i think china was the #1 buyer of our recyclables. than the orange guy did something stupid and now china won’t buy our recycling….leaving it all to be thrown with the regular trash.

among other things, this breaks my heart. i’m sure the ocean will face another hefty fine for this.

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Black People & People Of Color. Why?

when i was a child, the majority of my white friends *hated* people of color. an indescribable, deeply-seeded, hate. my mom was absolutely racist and (i think) the rest of her immediate family was, too. i recall that my mom told me her dad (my grandpa) was once the grand wizard to the local kkk. i say this with neither pride or reverence.)

to this day, i don’t get why the color of someone’s skin initiates such hatred and/or violence by white folk. what could possibly be the predominant trigger. first psychologically? but why/what? ingrained pre-conceived notions?

looney tunes was very racist with some characters/situations and every child i knew were glued to the tv to watch bugs bunny, etc…so were most shows, until “good times” and “sanford & son” hit the waves. by local black credence, i was not allowed to call them between 1 and 2pm on sundays, because that was when “soul train” was on.

when kevin rotary dialed me (or anybody black my mom recognized), she’d shout out the door “one of your little friends is on the phone.) when my white friends called, she’d *always* call them by their name. did she not remember their names? would saying their names summon a demon?

anyway, hanging out with my black friends for much of my young life, showed me so much. i got lucky.

i was called “n-word lover”, by white people,for most of my young life. although i had no fear, fast wit, and was a tall for my age…i coulda’ raged out on them, but one of my (black) friends told me to ignore it…don’t respond…be the bigger man. because of his advice, and as much as i could, i felt a piece of his struggle for a moment. he goes through life like that (and worse) than i could ever fully empathize with.

i know it’s 2019 (as i write this) and that very little has changed on the racist rage, violence, and wrongful murder nightmares. i just thought it would all get better. do things really have to get that bad before it gets better? seems like it’s been plain long enough.


feel free to comment below…

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My Automatic Seat Belt Diatribe

that fukn automatic seatbelt coming around you without your permission. no warning. it just hogties ya.

i need a safeword, please.

are these machine overlords still available? what to stop this evil behavior? maybe a voice command, siimple button, off switch, explosive device, or just play it in tic-tac-toe like in that old movie “war games”.

—> btw…i don’t recall ever forgetting to buckle up. maybe when it became a new law way back when i may have taken time to a new system of getting in the car.

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my similies are like really bad.

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Required Post (Sorry)

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year From Me To You!

ending 2018 and hoping for a better 2019 🙂

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Seeking Attorney About Suing FedEx

the incompetence and negligence of fedex is palpable and continuous. this week’s fiasco has potentially caused me serious damage. they picked up a pre-paid envelope from my home on monday (12/24/18) and have, it appears, lost it. the envelope contained all of my personal/private financial info, per request of bank of america (boa).

when i called fedex to inquire, they sent me to 3 different people to discuss. the last person said that boa would have to file the claim because they initiated the pre-paid label. it took 34 minutes on the phone to find out that there’s nothing they can do. in the meantime, someone has all of my private financial info.

my first (rhetorical) question is: what does fedex do? the answer? they pickup/ship/deliver packages. it’s not like they also do tune-ups and deliver pizzas. they just do this one thing…and they’ve been doing it long enough to have it down to a science. i thought.

i normally ship ups or usps only, but was guided by boa to use fedex for this one purpose. in the decades of using ups/usps, i can’t recall anything ever being lost. getting fedex deliveries (and now a self-shipment) has been one nightmare after another.

i just finished informing boa about the fedex fuckup in hopes that they don’t start foreclosure on my home. the purpose of the fedex shipment was to give them requested paperwork and signatures to stop foreclosure proceedings.

my stomach is in knots and the headache this gave me made me have to lie down for a few hours. now i live in fear of identity theft, as well as a looming foreclosure. i haven’t done any work all day because of both trying to deal with fedex, find my package, alert the credit agencies, and crippling stress and anxiety.

i’ve sent emails to several attorneys i found online and am awaiting their reply.

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True Education

as an only child of a single, lazy parent, i was forced to learn the skills of life. i cooked, cleaned, etc. (and am the better for it). “life skills” classes are desperately needed in our kids’ education.

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Funeral Procession Respect

not sure if this is an everywhere thing or not, but in the south we pull over and stop for all funeral processions. is this done everywhere? could google it, but am too lazy so click the comment link and let me know 🙂

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Now I Have To Deal With The Stupidity From FedEx. I Can’t Win With These Idiot Delivery Drivers.

today’s fedex delivery. right in front of the fucking sign. either he’s a smartass or a dumbass…you tell me…

it looks like i’m going to have to make a category for this topic as you can tell in my further posts 🙂

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Amazon Delivery Drivers Are Idiots

look at where he/she delivered my package in comparison to the other pic. i do NOT like their “uber” style delivery service. unprofessional idiots, thus far.

[update: 8/29/2018] they continue to give me problems. leaving packages in wrong area and now they’re LOSING my orders for delivery! i’ve contacted them, but they just don’t seem to give a crap now that i’ve complained numerous times about different issues.

[update: 8/30/2018] last package was a day late. new orders are saying 5 days to ship (from amazon, not 3rd party seller). ordering today misses the holiday, so wtf? they continue to breach our prime membership contract on 2-day delivery.

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NC Gun Law Needs To Change!

i’ve been a gun owner for over 20 years and this nc law is beyond logical:

“If there is no sign that they are armed, you may not shoot them. Remember, we have no death penalty for larceny or grand theft, regardless of the value of the item. In any situation where an intruder is armed with anything that could kill you, even a screwdriver in his hand, you can shoot to protect your life.”

so…i am woken up in the middle of the night by an intruder, i’m groggy, it’s pitch black inside the house, i’m assuming the intruder didn’t break in to play scrabble with us, i’m not turning on lights to keep the disadvantage equal, the intruder might have a gun/knife…but how do i know? by that time, i’m shot dead.

i think if someone breaks into your home, the burden/responsibility is THEIRS, not yours.

btw…i’m 100% in agreement of extremely strict gun reform laws, harsh background checks, etc., but i’m not for disallowing protecting my home/family.

i would never, ever want to kill another human being, but will if my life depended on it. i’d also make his estate or family pay for my therapy afterwards.

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For The NC Real Estate Commission Re: Complaint Against Jill Kuhn and Spencer Properties (With Review)

jill kuhn at spencer properties in raleigh, nc demand that you give them your phone number before they will give you any info on property/land for sale that they are the agent for. they are like used car salesmen…slimy, pathetic, useless while still needed should you require info. i told them my number is private and i only wanted to email, so she continued (for a week) to look up the property information i was requesting, but a week later she refused to give me the info until i gave her my phone number. why not tell me in the beginning that my “email only” request was unacceptable? very unethical. i’ve since reported them and will continue to google every source imaginable to file every complaint possible against them. this was beyond unacceptable…especially since i told her in my FIRST email that my number is private and that my “email is always available to her”.

the listing said there was an “optional/additional 24 acres” available separately. my inquiry was “what is the asking price” and “where is the 24 acres located”. you’d think that would be simple, but no.

i emailed the general email found on their website to complain and they, lacking professionalism, never bothered replying.

i’ve searched for four months now for my dream home. found it and they made me lose it. devastated doesn’t begin to describe my family’s feelings.

i highly recommend that you do NOT do business with these effing idiots.

This should be read from the bottom going to the top. The top is the last message, descending.

On 6/14/2018 6:58 PM, allen wrote:
wtf is wrong with you? i’m filing official complaints against you to the powers that be. good luck keeping your job.

On 6/14/2018 1:46 PM, allen wrote:
email, please.

On 6/14/2018 1:38 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
> Great – we’d love to speak. Please call at the numbers listed below! Happy to help.
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 1:37 PM, allen wrote:
> yes, i’ve been patiently waiting….
> On 6/14/2018 1:26 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>> We’ve received the information for the property associated with the main listing – are you still interested in speaking about the specifics?

>> On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 10:51 AM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>> Yes – they are sending us the maps of what is included in the additional 24 acres. I’d love to have a chance to speak with you at some point so that we can better understand your motivation and timing. This property has received a significant amount of attention so I would like to know what your thought are. My number is below – call anytime.
>> On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 8:34 PM, allen wrote:
>> any luck on that info yet?
>> On 6/6/2018 7:50 PM, allen wrote:
>>> also….a satellite pic of the 24 acres (usually depicted with a colored line which shapes the area), would be needed.
>>> On 6/6/2018 4:56 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>>>> Great. Let me pull together some numbers re: land … is there a good time to talk?
>>>> Warm regards,
>>>> On Jun 6, 2018, at 4:00 PM, allen wrote:
>>>>> i’m interested in both house and land.
>>>>> On 6/6/2018 3:58 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>>>>>> Gotcha – there are two separate listings in MLS. Are you only interested in the land?
>>>>>> On Jun 6, 2018, at 3:27 PM, allen wrote:
>>>>>>> in the 1st paragraph on zillow’s same listing, it states an additional 24 acres for sale (optional).
>>>>>>> allen
>>>>>>> On 6/6/2018 3:23 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>>>>>>>> Home is on 15 acres – sold as deeded. Are you seeing additional acres over the 15 on the lot?

>>>>>>>> On Jun 6, 2018, at 3:02 PM, allen wrote:
>>>>>>>>> hi. my phone is private. i noticed in the zillow listing that the seller mentions 24 additional acres for sale with the house and would like to know the cost of that acreage.
>>>>>>>>> thanks,
>>>>>>>>> allen
>>>>>>>>> On 6/6/2018 2:31 PM, Jill Kuhn wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Noticed your were interested in the $9M home in Raleigh. I tried calling you at the number you provided – the 555-555-5555 number is not in service …
>>>>>>>>>> Let us know if you’d like help with your search.

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Happy Black History Month!

why isn’t Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill yet? i assume it’s because of racist trump and his full swamp of racists and idiots.

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