About Me

Just a regular guy with a diverse life and background.

I've owned my own company since 1997, after a long time of working for others.  Among many things I’ve experienced, I bartended for 7 years and was the managing editor for an LGBTQ newspaper (although you can't tell from my writing on here. 🙂 (see below link for more)

I'm gay and love cats (not sure if that's a stereotype or not.)

I've lived all over NC and lived in Seattle for around 13 years.

I genuinely believe that I'm going to win the lottery and I'm genuinely surprised when I don't.

I learned graphic design and HTML, cgi/perl, and php/mysql coding on my own.  No school, just figured it out. My high school guidance counselor told me to stay away from anything computer-related, based on a test I took. So, kids, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! 🙂

Above all, I enjoy the kitties…and I especially enjoy the humor in people and things.   Humor helps me keep the insanity in check.

I am For Hire!

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