Wanna See The Time I Did Drag?

Benefit Show For Jo-Joe Griffin, the most loving and funniest man who’s ever lived…

A year before my best friend died from HIV/AIDS, I held a benefit show at a local gay bar for him and his family to help with their medical bills. No medicine worked back then. 100% of proceeds went to him. I was sort of a favored bartender back then, so the crowd was huge just to see me do drag one time. 🙂

I “mixed” together the songs on a cassette tape. What you see at the end is my THIRD encore. The owner said “No more after this one.” haha

I won two Asheville, NC Awards: “Best Benefit Show of the Year” and “Best Comedy Performance of the Year”.

Sorry for the blerg’s, but this was on VHS 30 years ago and recently found and converted to .mp4.

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