A Weed Smoker, A Hypocrite, And A Priest Walk Into A Bar

actually, there’s neither a priest nor a bar…just the weed smoker and hypocrite.

this requires a brief preface:

there used to be this chick i knew for 40 years. a total know-it-all and always fronted how perfectly innocent she was (she wasn’t) and how her know-it-all husband and kids were the epitome of brilliance and sunshine (they weren’t). i even lived near her for about 13 years, recently.

when i used to smoke weed: it drastically reduced my anxiety (i took 2/3 less meds, as a result), my type2 diabetes went away for the years i smoked, no sleep-deprivation, never got so much as the sniffles, i experienced joy and laughter that i’d once lost, i had an appetite, and so many other wonderful benefits that all went away about 2 weeks when i quit. everything i mentioned is back…and in full force.

preface over. here’s the short ending:

she passive-aggressively acted offended by my smoking weed. wouldn’t come into my house if she could smell it and berated me for going outside one day to fire one up real quick and secret-like. i could tell she smelled it on me by her pursed lips and attitude, so i confronted her. “may i ask what your issue is with my smoking weed? are you allergic or something?” she replied, “because it’s illegal.” i replied, “yes, in this state it still is, but it’s a misdemeanor at worst. a ticket for $200.00, if busted. plus, it’s healed my physical and mental wounds quite a bit, so not all laws should be followed blindly. being gay is (was) illegal, but i still do that!” 🙂

she said “it doesn’t matter. it’s illegal and, therefore, it’s wrong.” i let it go as i always had to do with her and her know-it-all family.

cut to 3 months later…

she calls me and asks to come over. when she arrived, she said she needed to ask me something in person and not on the phone…she wanted to know if she could buy some weed for her son. apparently, he discovered that the only thing to minimize his health condition(s) was smoking weed.

yes, she bought weed for her child. it helped him so much, she did it again and then just had him come over to do it from then on.

if she’s reading this, i hope she gets the hypocrisy. i’m sure she will, because she knows everything already.

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