That Time When Liquor Laws Attempted To Destroy My World

when i was 18, it was legal to drink. until around 4 months later when they changed the legal drinking age to 19. no “grandfather clause” (where the law wouldn’t apply to those who were 18 before the law changed. they’d never not had a grandfather clause attached until this time.) anyway…i finally turned 19 to find out they were changing to 21, with no grandfather clause again. had to wait til i was 21 to legally hold or drink any alcohol.

but…ha on them! i worked the front door id’ing everyone, so my longtime friend bartenders would sneak me drinks in funny, hidden places for me. i’d get a note on a bar napkin handed to me from a customer (from the bartender) where my long island iced tea was hidden.

i don’t know if the owner ever knew, though. she was a tough broad and was stealth as a motherfucker, so it seems like she would’ve stopped something “technically illegal”, so she wouldn’t get fined. the military police were always in the gay bar, undercover. they were “catchin’ the gays”.

i don’t drink now (not sure if i’d ever start back up or not. the hangovers are what made me stop.) it would take me at least 2 days to recover as i aged. i know it’s foo-foo, but i do love a good pina colada. especially made from soft serve ice cream instead of ice (if you haven’t tried this…do 🙂

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