The Family Of Know-It-Alls

both parents are know-it-all’s. they raised their 3 kids to be know-it-all’s. they have other mental issues, as well, but the know-it-all part is what always got me. they all struggle every day and every night with this…and don’t even know it. ahhhh…irony.

the fucked up matriarch kept commenting on our friendship by saying “i’m in this for the long haul”. she said this for over a year (i think she read the line somewhere and took it as her own). then, when i went into a deep and long depression…not contacting or seeing anyone for almost a year…she ghosted me. we were friends for 40 years.

i guess what i’m saying is: fuck each and every one of you cunts. i wish for pain and misery for all of you. but you probably experience that on your pathetic own.

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