I Was Online Selling Stuff Before Google Bought Their Domain Name

in july 1997, i bought my 1st domain name, designed it, and started selling stuff. credit card processing wasn’t around yet, so it was all mail order. obviously, google won 🙂

i learned programming on my own, mostly via trial and error. first i taught myself html, then cgi/perl, then php/mysql. i’ve always been adept with languages and found programming to be no different than conjugating english, french, etc…plus applying math i’ve learned to round it out.

i’m thinking about teaching myself how to program apps, but i think i might wait until more “apps in a can” come out to make it easier on me to play around with.

i also used to own/run a multi-million dollar corporation that faded after 20 years, but now that i’m broke again…i guess i’m not as smart as i thought i was. lessons learned.

until i think of a new lucrative project worth my time, effort, and energy, i’ll remember that time i was successful 🙂

people always ask me about starting their own website to make money with, but it’s too long of an answer. here’s the very short version:
1. buy your domain
2. hire me to help you (or hire someone, if not me 🙂
3. google and read everything about a newbie, online business.

if you think you have a groovy online business idea, i’m happy to help. my consulting fees are extremely competitive and i can create any type of site that can do anything you want (within reason…like building you a holodeck would be beyond my skill level 🙂

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just a country boy with a city mind who's gay and loves cats, humor, language, and justice.

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