Tommy The Cat Has Some Issues :(

first, he has cat herpes. this causes a variety of upper respiratory issues in cats…his affects his eyes. i clean his eyes daily. nothing else can be done. the vet prescribes some triple meds eyedrops a few times a year, which helps for a little bit. i feel bad for him but, as cats usually do, he lives his life as though nothing’s wrong.

secondly, he’s a decade younger than butter (who just turned 18). butter has never wanted anything to do with tommy, yet tommy kept stalking butter and jumping on him wanting to play. butter used to be able to defend himself pretty well, but as he’s aging has lost a lot of strength and dexterity to run away. the last time tommy tried to pounce on him, butter bit the fuck out of tommy’s ear…which collapsed his ear’s blood vessels and you can see the result in the pic. it’s caused him no pain (maybe at first), i couldn’t afford the surgery and didn’t want him under dangerous anesthesia for a minor issue…so now he has a broken ear. he didn’t bother butter for about a month after butter fucked his ear up, btw.

this pic makes me a bit sad, but it’s the life of a cat daddy, i suppose 🙂

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