All These New Automated Car Features…

maybe i’m just getting old, but i don’t like my car making decisions for me when i’m driving it. auto braking if it senses a certain distance or object, steering for me if i barely move over the line for a second, etc.

how about we teach people how to fuk’n drive, pay attention, obey the laws, turn their phones off, etc. instead? my driving record (knock on wood) has been crystal clean for over 30 years, btw.

i do (sort of) like the rear-view camera monitors, but i think it would take me a long time to not use my eyes. i trust my own vision, thus far, although the rear-view camera might be an added benefit in case a small child is behind me that i can’t see.

i have difficulties sometimes parallel parking, so i’d love to test that feature to see if it sucks or actually does the job.

comment below with your thoughts….

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