5th Or 6th Day Of Severe Laryngitis. I Know Sign Language (ASL), But That Doesn’t Help For A Single Second.

i have to run errands with (non-contagious) severe laryngitis. i can’t speak (not even whisper) for around 14 days straight. (i asked the dr. “business days”?) she laughed.

i have to communicate. it’s inevitable and ubiquitous. if i whisper to them, it sounds like i’m going to kill them later. when i write something down, they all think i’m deaf.

some who think i’m deaf, call for someone else to help. WHY???????? can you not write or speak or read? you need better social skills. i don’t know how my deaf friends deal with being treated like an idiot all the time.

anyway…i know sign language (asl) pretty ok. it’s been 20 years, so i probably suck pretty badly. but so far, not one single person i’ve encountered has been deaf or know asl.

the journey continues….

[shout out to all my hoh and deaf friends in seattle!]

(comment below with something stupid or interesting…)

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