CBD Oil Recommendation-Review

i tried 2 companies for cbd oil. the first one had four typos on their packaging box. i emailed them asking what was up and they haven’t replied to my 2 follow-up emails. not putting that in my mouth/system! the other company was just a lie. not cbd oil at all. reported them to the fda and office of the attorney general. as they say, though, the 3rd time’s a charm 🙂

my nuleaf cbd oil arrived today and it is simply amazing. the taste, color, and consistency are above par…and it’s organic 🙂 i highly recommend nuleaf for your cbd oil needs. (they even offer versions for your cat or dog!)

there is no thc (the part that gets you high) in this company’s cbd oil. (i think there is the allowed 0.03% maybe). extremely healthy and great for you!

(probably have to say it’s my opinion, i’m not a dr., consult a doctor first, and the link above is an affiliate link where i may earn a sales commission.)

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