A (very small) Sweepstakes Win From Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH)

won a whopping $10.00 from a publisher’s clearing house (pch) sweepstakes. wasn’t exactly the million dollar prize patrol, but i guess it’s a start 🙂

btw…i’ll be posting my opinions of pch on here very soon, so please check back!

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Author: allen

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3 thoughts on “A (very small) Sweepstakes Win From Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH)”

  1. i have received two of these checks, both cashed ok, i also received an email stating i had won 10,000 dollars, then received a second email stating there was an computer error and i hadn’t won. pch is a scam, everything they sell is made in china, there token games are also scams, they only pay in whole numbers but some how my token total ends in a 6 not a zero,how is it i won 6 tokens, i have ordered items from them everything is addressed from china. i think its time the gaming commotion in the state they are based in looks into pch, also a social media campaign sounds like a good idea.

  2. one of the things i question is that they seem to like to give a LOT of their profits (seemingly) to “the people”. i find it suspect that they are just being nice in giving away millions upon millions a year just to be nice? something just doesn’t seem right. also…they’ll say “hurry! enter now! entries no longer valid in x days!”, but then the official rules say that the drawing is a year and a half away. and….my last concern is their “board of judges” who choose the winner(s). who are they and is it a random drawing by them?

  3. also… publisher’s clearing house should, for premium transparency, have an unaffiliated third party do random drawings like the big companies do (coke, conagra foods, etc.). pch would get far more people believing in them, i think.

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