A (very small) Sweepstakes Win From Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH)

won a whopping $10.00 from a publisher’s clearing house (pch) sweepstakes. wasn’t exactly the million dollar prize patrol, but i guess it’s a start 🙂

btw…i’ll be posting my opinions of pch on here very soon, so please check back!

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Gary Hammons

i have received two of these checks, both cashed ok, i also received an email stating i had won 10,000 dollars, then received a second email stating there was an computer error and i hadn’t won. pch is a scam, everything they sell is made in china, there token games are also scams, they only pay in whole numbers but some how my token total ends in a 6 not a zero,how is it i won 6 tokens, i have ordered items from them everything is addressed from china. i think its time the gaming commotion in the state they… Read more »