Amazon Delivery Drivers Are Idiots

look at where he/she delivered my package in comparison to the other pic. i do NOT like their “uber” style delivery service. unprofessional idiots, thus far.

[update: 8/29/2018] they continue to give me problems. leaving packages in wrong area and now they’re LOSING my orders for delivery! i’ve contacted them, but they just don’t seem to give a crap now that i’ve complained numerous times about different issues.

[update: 8/30/2018] last package was a day late. new orders are saying 5 days to ship (from amazon, not 3rd party seller). ordering today misses the holiday, so wtf? they continue to breach our prime membership contract on 2-day delivery.

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I did ubereats with my roommate. I wouldn’t compare Amazon Prime to uBer. I would never ever just chuck someone’s food to the side of door or gate. However these 3rd party delivery drivers are f’n idiot’s!!!!!!! It’s 95 degrees outside and they keep leaving packages outside next to the gate!!! I got a message text saying my item was delivered. Glad I went and got it as it was already getting baked. They also won’t stop mailing my items in bubble mailers!!! My item was caked in dust and f**k*** filthy!!! I’m so sick of this s**t!!!! Glad I… Read more »