Kitty! (Update)

Our new kitty, "Butter", is doing pretty well.  We've had him about two weeks now and he's more and more laid back each day.  A worker came into the house yesterday and he didn't flinch at the sight of a stranger, so that was a good sign.  Every Friday night, however, he pukes.  A LOT.  Could still be nerves of the big change or it could be that he parties on Friday night and then pukes and passes out.  (We're fairly certain it's not hairball puke, especially because of the mass quantities and no real hair in any of it.  Gross, I know 🙂  He's eating, drinking water, peeing/pooing normally, so we're monitoring the situation.    (update on this here.)

Here he is in a kitty coma beside me in my recliner:



sleeping kitty

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