New Kitty?

It looks like I might be getting a new kitty!  I've been without a cat for about 4 years and a friend's family's cats are making the three boys and two adults sick and the mom is about to have a fourth boy in July.  The new baby getting sick is unacceptable and they felt it's better for their family to find new homes for their five cats.

They've tried every cleaning method and service out there, but all cat owners know that your cat is everywhere…constantly…and there's no stopping the traces of our little, furry friends.  They're only considering friends, no-kill shelters, and a service that provides cats to seniors.

I went over and met all five cats and one was my favorite…a 7-year old, social, neutered, male named "Butter" 🙂

I told them they could come over and visit Butter anytime they wanted.

It's looking more official now and looks like it's going to happen in a week or so.  I'll keep you updated here.

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