KITTY Door! (Preparing for the arrival of a kitty)

kitty door install
Installing the kitty door. (Thanks Craig!)
kitty's view of kitty door entrance
Installed kitty door. This is the kitty's view of the entrance to his room.
kitty door  back side and locks
Backside of the kitty door. It's actually reversed, but we all thought it looked better with the locking mechanisms, felt, etc. out of view from the front side of the door as you can see. Btw…you can lock the door so that kitty can't go in, come out, and/or both. Pretty nifty, although I'm not sure why I would keep him from getting to his cat box 🙂
kitty door front side

Kitty door's front entrance. I love they offered the brown version, so the white frame wouldn't stand out so much. No biggie, but still a nice touch. Probably should have cleaned all the dust n' junk before taking the pics, but I was excited 🙂

Get your own Kitty door HERE!

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