Video: Moshi The Talking Digital Clock Review

A video of my experiences with the Moshi Talking Digital Clock.

Some observations:

  1. Worked extremely well (excellent product for blind people!)
  2. There can’t be an echo in the room or it has difficulty understanding your voice.
  3. It could hear/understand me from halfway across the room (I didn’t test different lengths or measure from my recliner to where it sits on my media center)
  4. Had trouble understanding my boyfriend, who has a very strong Georgia accent. After he enunciated, however, it understood his commands.
  5. Its listening port is in the front, so you can’t give it commands from the back of it.
  6. Has a function to fall asleep to ambient noises (like birds and water), but I didn’t test those out.
  7. Has a full-featured alarm system but, since I won’t be using those, I didn’t test them out. You can use voice commands to set the alarm functions, as well.
  8. You have to manually set the date, instead of voice commands. I believe you might be able to manually set the other stuff too, but I don’t recall. The voice commands function was all I cared about 🙂

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this is the replaced clock for the article “Getting Rid of Cable (Part 3) here


That talking clock is freakin’ awesome! I clicked your link and bought one for me and one of my geek brother 🙂


cool clock. I liked the video blooper part too and I liked seeing a real person use it other than seeing the companys video where you don’t know if its real or not. i bet they will make this for other items in your home to talk and take voice commands (stove?).