Chantix (Odd After-Effects)

I don’t know how quitting Chantix affects others, but this is what I’ve experienced:

1. A few days after I weaned myself off of Chantix, I began craving cigarettes very strongly. After a couple of weeks some of the cravings are more intense (Chantix contains no nicotine, so I’d already gone through the heavy nicotine withdrawals). I don’t know what this means, but it’s what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve actually been close to smoking again, but that could just be my own failed attempt and not a Chantix withdrawal. I don’t know what’s going on yet.

2. My thoughts come in patches, instead of a normal flow. I have to stop and start my sentences when speaking, due to forgetting what I was saying. Not a normal “forgot where I was” kind of thing, but my mind goes blank in the middle of a sentence. The next word, the next sentence, the continued thought…simply stops. Randomly, suddenly, and frequently. All day and night. If the thought or story was simple and quick, I had no problem. Answering a question or replying to a comment on Facebook, for example, was easy. If someone called and asked a question that required a simple, short answer…then I had no problem. For me and my communicative personality, this has been a scary side-effect. Today, however, I noticed my synapses firing a bit better. I was able to express myself (almost) normally for much of the day. I’m praying that this is a sign that the proverbial fog is lifting.

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