Trying to Quit Smoking With Chantix (Update 2)

Quit date was 12/12/2010. I’m now over two weeks smoke-free! (and I haven’t even cheated once. promise.)

The cravings are subsiding, but still get incredibly strong ones. A few times they felt overbearing, but since I had no cigarettes here at the house, I couldn’t cheat. Urge went away quickly enough, though, so I didn’t get in my car and drive to the store.

Also…it’s not the Chantix anymore (I’m thinking about stopping taking it) since it just controls the nicotine receptor for when I smoke. Since I’m not smoking or cheating, it makes no sense to continue taking it. I do love the vivid dreams and will miss them! I’ll check the literature first to see when/how/why to stop taking Chantix (taper off? continue until I’ve finished what I have? etc…)

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