Please Don’t Buy Sony Products!

I"ve had one Sony product after another crap out on me (way before their time) over the past few years.  Sony is not the quality product it was when I was growing up.  Samsung and LG are the new Sony.

I bought a Sony Playstation3 and it has worked flawlessly until around a month ago. After their system update, 3.01, none of our game discs would play anymore (they would freeze after a few minutes of play). I emailed Sony about this and they said I need to send in my system and pay them $150.00 to fix it because my system is over a year old (ie, warranty expired). After checking their forums and other gaming forums for a cheaper fix, I discovered that hundreds (thousands?) of others were having the exact same problem after the 3.01 update.

After a month of waiting/hoping on a fix in a new system update from Sony, a week ago it arrived and we downloaded it (3.10 was the update number). Well…that made things even worse. None of our game discs would load so we could play them at all (at least before they'd play for a few minutes). Their forums began filling with countless people who now had completely broken PS3 consoles, so I knew I wasn't alone. I called Sony's customer service number and "John" had me do a system restore to try and fix it. That didn't fix the issue(s) and he said there was nothing else they could do and that I'd have to send in my console and pay them $150.00 to fix it. I told him that I should not have to pay anything since it was clearly their update(s) that caused the console to break, regardless of my warranty expiring. Sony broke my working console (and thousands of others) and are now trying to get a whopping $150 from me? I don't think so.

This isn't the first time I've had a bogus Sony product, but the other time it happened I wrote it off as…sometimes a company that mass-produces products will have some come off the assembly line as bunk. I was forgiving and gave them more of my money….but the buck stops here. I will never give them a fucking cent of my money again and I strongly encourage you to not buy Sony products. I realize that I'm some guy you don't know, but all I can say is that I'm a nice guy who is being honest with you about my experience. I have a $300 paperweight and they don't give a flying fuck. That's not to say that Samsung, LG, or one of the myriad of other companies who will be getting my money from now on won't screw me over….but apparently this is all I can do and just hope that you read this and decide to give your money to anyone other than Sony.

I know there are bigger problems in the world, so thanks for listening 🙂

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I second that and I’ll tell you why? I had a VIAO and the processor got fried in the first six months. What the service center had to say that it was exposed to liquid which was nowhere near the truth and they refused to honor the warranty. To top it all the the service center which was next door was being renovated at that time had carpentry work going on even in the wee hours of the night right up to 2 in the morning inspite of requests from the neighbors to stop work after 7 in the evening.… Read more »