Something “Green” For My Home: Bamboo Floors

While doing a remodel of my home, I wanted to do something “green” (earth-friendly) for my home. I did some of the easy things like replace my old thermostats with digital ones (this one act has saved me a buttload of money on my electric bill!), and replaced all standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. I also made sure all of my appliances had an Energy Star rating.

A bigger ticket item was to replace two carpeted rooms with hardwood. Instead of regular hardwood, I chose bamboo. The reasons: 1. It’s a renewable resource*. 2. The cost was the same as a high-end hardwood. 3. It’s beautiful. *Bamboo grows back (very quickly) after being cut.

I wonder if my tiny part will help out future generations?

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