One Kitten.


My friend's cat had just one kitten.  Here's mom and child…

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Colbert Quote

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Brian Fairbrother Mentioned On NPR

A huge thanks goes out to Jeff Coleman for helping me with this MP3 file and hosting it on his server for everyone to hear.

At around 50 minutes-30 seconds, Brian gets a nice mention among national and local news.  Very groovy of them to do that for him and the world.



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“3 Kitties”

.gary's kitties


Some of my friend Gary's cats.

This is entitled "3 kitties" by Gary Agnostic,
who owns (and took the pic of) the cats.

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RIP, Brian.

I lost a beautiful, unique friend today.  He was in a bicycle accident and went into a vegetative state.  His will said not to take extreme measures and he left this world today…peacefully and surrounded by his friends.

Here is a video someone found done a very long time ago.  For those of you who want a glimpse into my 14 years on Seattle, this is a good example.


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Saving Money x 2


I continue to LOVE this site.  It only makes sense if you're going to shop at one of their stores anyway.  Plus I use my points credit card when I shop…so i might win the "coupon queen" of the year award this year.  fingers crossed!  🙂

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Worst. Wipe. Ever.

We've tried various counter wipes and have settled on the Clorox ones.  They're perfect.  No lint residue, anti-bacterial, etc. (we have black counters and black washer/dryer).  Then I saw this at the store and thought I'd give it a try.  Huge mistake…it didn't clean the surface, but rather made it dirtier.  It smeared the dirt around more than wipe it up and left behind a TON of lint from the wipe.  Do *not* buy this product.


worst anti-bacterial wipe ever

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Kitty Loves Balls! (paper ones)

My cat “Butter” doesn’t like any toys except wadded up paper balls. He’s a cheap date! 🙂

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Stuck Kitty!

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Kitty! (up close and personal)

cat nose and eye


Thankfully I remembered to turn off the flash!  🙂  You can also see me in his eye.


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I Choo Choo Choose You!

I Choo Choo Choose YouEvery Valentine's Day or Anniversary, I love to use this as an expression of my love.  I usually have to find a graphic on the web or a youtube video, but now I can get a t-shirt with Ralphie's quest for love!  🙂  Comes in kid's, ladies', and men's sizes.

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My New Beast (Specs For My Geek Friends)

Corsair 600T Case

Noiseblocker UltraSilent Fans

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe – LGA 1155 – Z68 – SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0

Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4ghz LGA 1155 Quad-Core (8mb L3 cache)

Venomous X CPU Cooler

750watt Silverstone Power Supply

1GB GDDR5 Nvidia GTX 560 TI (where i needed less than elsewhere…i don't game)

16GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600mhz Dual Channel memory

RAID 0 – 240GB X 2, Vertex 3 Solid State Drives

Normal LG CD/DVD r/rw (double layer write capable)

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium

Windows 7, Home Premium 64-bit

Cool Crate Pic Here

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My New Beast (Teaser)

I finally got my new computer today.  It's a beast.  I'll post the sordid details after I set it up, make sure it works, etc. and then post some specs and thoughts on it.  It's an Origin PC (I believe they used to own Alienware before selling that to Dell?).


origin pc

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Netflix – No More DVD’s

In addition to getting rid of cable, I'm also stopping DVD's from Netflix and only using their streaming.  New stuff takes too long and I can just rent it on the cheap, on the fly, from the numerous companies on my Xbox and PS3.  Now I'm down to $7.99/month for Netflix, $7.99/month for HuluPlus, and around $60.00 for cable internet (with turbo boost! :).  Not a huge saving, but I was finding myself trying to find DVD's that I haven't watched yet and most were available in streaming or some other venue.  I can always add back receiving DVD's at any time, if I change my mind.

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No More Cable. The End (?)

We have zero cable tv…only cable internet.  I pay for streaming and one dvd from Netflix and $7.99/month for Hulu Plus.  Right around a $100/month savings and I don't miss my cable tv or DVR one bit.

Others said their internet bill went up when they cancelled their cable  lost their "bundle deal" but mine only went up a couple of dollars (great deal, huh?)

I can't wait until someone comes here to compete with Time-Warner (I don't want DSL).  Hoping on lower costs, faster speeds, and/or both.  Time-Warner's monopoly here needs to end.  Now.

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Kitty! (Puke Update 2)

Puking has stopped.  Must have been the stress.  Maybe the change of food, too.  Maybe ate too much, while we were learning how much to feed him.  Biggie though is the puking stopped 🙂

He's happy and healthy and we love him very much!

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Kitty! (Update)

Our new kitty, "Butter", is doing pretty well.  We've had him about two weeks now and he's more and more laid back each day.  A worker came into the house yesterday and he didn't flinch at the sight of a stranger, so that was a good sign.  Every Friday night, however, he pukes.  A LOT.  Could still be nerves of the big change or it could be that he parties on Friday night and then pukes and passes out.  (We're fairly certain it's not hairball puke, especially because of the mass quantities and no real hair in any of it.  Gross, I know 🙂  He's eating, drinking water, peeing/pooing normally, so we're monitoring the situation.    (update on this here.)

Here he is in a kitty coma beside me in my recliner:



sleeping kitty

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Kitty Laser FAIL.

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Al Sharpton Is My New Hero.

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New Kitty Arrives Today!


it's new kitty day! 7 year-old "butter" will begin sniffing everything in his new home on thursday and peeing on everything shortly after. but the jokes on him…i've already peed on everything. so…in your face, cat!

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KITTY Door! (Preparing for the arrival of a kitty)

kitty door install
Installing the kitty door. (Thanks Craig!)
kitty's view of kitty door entrance
Installed kitty door. This is the kitty's view of the entrance to his room.
kitty door  back side and locks
Backside of the kitty door. It's actually reversed, but we all thought it looked better with the locking mechanisms, felt, etc. out of view from the front side of the door as you can see. Btw…you can lock the door so that kitty can't go in, come out, and/or both. Pretty nifty, although I'm not sure why I would keep him from getting to his cat box 🙂
kitty door front side

Kitty door's front entrance. I love they offered the brown version, so the white frame wouldn't stand out so much. No biggie, but still a nice touch. Probably should have cleaned all the dust n' junk before taking the pics, but I was excited 🙂

Get your own Kitty door HERE!

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Best. Personal Ad. Ever.


She has an MBA and sort of likes cats.

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New Kitty?

It looks like I might be getting a new kitty!  I've been without a cat for about 4 years and a friend's family's cats are making the three boys and two adults sick and the mom is about to have a fourth boy in July.  The new baby getting sick is unacceptable and they felt it's better for their family to find new homes for their five cats.

They've tried every cleaning method and service out there, but all cat owners know that your cat is everywhere…constantly…and there's no stopping the traces of our little, furry friends.  They're only considering friends, no-kill shelters, and a service that provides cats to seniors.

I went over and met all five cats and one was my favorite…a 7-year old, social, neutered, male named "Butter" 🙂

I told them they could come over and visit Butter anytime they wanted.

It's looking more official now and looks like it's going to happen in a week or so.  I'll keep you updated here.

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Kitty Screensaver!


Kitty Screensaver!

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