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My Partner’s Computer Repair Business

If you’re in the Triad, NC area and are having computer woes, let us help!

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Another New Business

i’ve started a web design and advertising agency called


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YANB (Yet Another New Business)

i’ve decided to turn my advertising & web design experience into a new business. web design & advertising agency.

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Started A New Business!

Visit Kernersville online and advertise your Kernersville, NC business!


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Kudos To Office Depot

kudos to office depot. had some problems and asked for an area or district manager. instead got cust. relations call from their corporate office who took care of everything…and then some 🙂 they seemed to really care about my complaint(s). nice change from so many other companies out there!

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Bastard The Cat

bastard cat – Bastard The Cat

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Venomous Snake-Reptile Warning Stickers

Venomous Snake-Reptile Safety Stickers

Pet Safety Sticker

Warning safety sticker for those who have venemous snakes or reptiles.  Just write the common and Latin names in their spots!

Venomous Reptile Safety Stickers

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