Fuk Bush’s Death. Here’s Why…

on world’s aids day, today, i say fuk bush.

“They say to only speak good of the dead. He’s dead? Good.”

walk a mile in my shoes for a second: do you know what it’s like to walk into your local bar and 43% aren’t there? and not because they were at a concert, but because they were all sick, dying, or dead? 43% of my close friends and acquaintances gone forever. most didn’t even get an obituary because the family was so embarrassed. this is not hyperbole, btw.

that pos was responsible for killing millions of lgbtq (and straight) people. about 43% killed, due to him and his minions (basically) saying that we “deserved it” and would not fund research or even publicly say the words hiv or aids. it was a “gay disease”. instead he’d turn over the “issue” to religious people and we’d have to hear 24/7 about god and god’s punishment..blah, blah, blah. that was his decree of cowardice.

so, yes…fuk bush. i don’t mourn his death, i celebrate it.

(feel free to leave a comment whether you agree/understand or not)

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Confrontation, Gay Cakes, Gay Marriage, Etc.

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We don’t have a “gay agenda”. There is, and has never been one. Stop it, asshats.

there is no “gay agenda”. please tell your idiot friends.

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Boycott Anti-Gay Koch Brother’s Products!


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Remembering Reagan

we'll never forget that idiot's genocide.

Posted by Allen McNulty on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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SCOTUS Ruling On Gay Marriage


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Gay Teen Disowned By Asshole Parents

because he's gay, his parents disowned him at age 18. and, in the true fashion of loving christians and asshole parenting, they did it on his birthday. "happy birthday, son! now get the fuck out because we hate you and never want to see you ever again!"  they haven't talked to him for almost 3 years, at the time of this post.

con te partiro is one of my favorite songs.

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I Replaced “God” With “Gay People” In The Bible


I replaced every instance of the word "God" in the Bible with the words "Gay People".

Click Here To Read PDF file:    Gay-Bible


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May You Rest In Peace, John Arthur

RIP, John Arthur.



CREDIT, Photo: Gary Landers, AP

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Wear Purple Today. Stop Bullying!


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Brilliant & Funny Video Commentary On Gays And The Olympics

Calling Out Vladimir Putin On Gay Olympics – Calling Out Vladimir Putin On Gay Olympics

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Israel To Get Monument Dedicated To Gays Persecuted By Nazis

"During the Holocaust, roughly 10,000 gays were rounded up and sent to the death camps. There they were experimented upon and many were executed. This does not include the numbers who were simply sent to jail for decades." — http://lezgetreal.com/2013/08/israel-to-get-monument-dedicated-to-gays-persecuted-by-nazis/

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Amazing and Funny Small Town Gay Video

"Wednesday's subject of Colbert's fake ire was no exception. In fact, the story of Mayor Johnny Cummings of Vicco, Ky. and the people of his town is so heartwarming you might want to plan a visit there. If you recall, Vicco made headlines in January for being one of the smallest towns in America to pass a non-discrimination law.  Amazing and funny story.


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Really? There’s a Morning-After HIV Pill That Many People Don’t Know About

There’s a Morning-After HIV Pill That Many People Don’t Know About.



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What Would Jesus Say To Mike Huckabee?

what would jesus say to gay rights opponents

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1 Out Of 10?

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Gay Cartoon Pic

gay cartoon

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A Facebook Unfriend And Email I Received…


I regretfully had to unfriend you and wanted to tell you why. I don't approve of your sexual preference, but I thought I could overlook it and be friends with you on Facebook, mostly because I have always appreciated your great sense of humor. But you keep throwing it in everybody's face that you're gay with your gay posts and that's wrong.


(i deleted his name)"

my response…

"(name withheld),

i'm glad you unfriended me if that is your mindset on gay people.

you say that i kept "throwing (being gay) in everybody's face", but i never felt that was the case of you throwing your heterosexuality in my face when i saw your posts of your anniversary…or posts of you with your family and numerous pics of you and your wife in loving poses, not to mention all of your religious posts. i simply thought that you were posting your happiness of being in love and showing your pride in your faith.

i find your lack of education and tolerance to be sad and pathetic and i hope that, one day, you achieve the above and learn compassion and understanding. when you do, feel free to send me a friend request. but be warned…i'll still be funny and gay when you do.




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Gay Marriage (Funny Pic)

gay marriage

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Gays with Guns

 i own guns and i'm gay. i don't consider myself a "gay gun owner" but more of a gay man who happens to own guns (or a gun owner who happens to be gay).


gay gun owners



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Boycott Chick-Fil-A


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The Gay Agenda

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Church apologizing for homophobia


This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church.


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No Child Is Born Homophobic

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