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Total Fail. My Online Live Chat With Microsoft.

What I generally said to start the chat for the online live chat rep:

“Good Morning. You guys charged my credit card that I never renewed for my Hotmail Plus account. Not sure how you did that, but you did. I’d like that charge refunded, no more charges ever again, and my hotmail account permanently closed. Thanks.”

Then this happened:


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What The Font?


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Funny Sign Fail


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My Legal Workaround Against Software Companies


i'll take this to the supreme court, if necessary!  🙂



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I Replaced “God” With “Gay People” In The Bible


I replaced every instance of the word "God" in the Bible with the words "Gay People".

Click Here To Read PDF file:    Gay-Bible


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The Worst Part Of Censorship Is…


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Funny Halloween Costume


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Now…Tell Me About The Butter Again?




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“Honey Nose Guy”

I dared him. He did it. This is "Honey Nose Guy"!


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My First Meme Creation!

I hope you like my first meme. 🙂  Feel free to comment below!



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Gandolf The Pink (funny pic)

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Brilliant & Funny Video Commentary On Gays And The Olympics

Calling Out Vladimir Putin On Gay Olympics – Calling Out Vladimir Putin On Gay Olympics

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The Official Biography and Interview of “Grumpy Cat”

wait for the "blooper" at about 2:47 into the video. 🙂

today karl meets grumpy – Today Karl Meets Grumpy Cat

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Funny Pic Fail

funny pic fail

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My Cat Has A Penis On His Face (Funny Pic)

funny cat pic meme

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Diabetes Sign Fail (Funny Pic)

funny pic of diabetes sign fail

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