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Stuff about my type 2 diabetes.

Weight Loss

after 2 years, i slowly lost 100 pounds. yay me. hopefully this will put my type2 diabetes in check, yo.

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Diabetes Sign Fail (Funny Pic)

funny pic of diabetes sign fail

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From Type2 Diabetes To Pre-Diabetic?

Dr. told me that if I keep up the good work with controlling my blood sugars, she'll move me from type2 to prediabetic.  Yay?

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Diabetes Update

Been keeping my blood sugar much lower than I have before.  If I could just get off my ass and exercise, I'd remove my Type2 diabetes completely 🙂

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A1C Diabetes Test Went Down. Yay!

i went from a 12 to a 7.2.  i effin' rock!  🙂

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