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Happy Black History Month!

why isn’t Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill yet? i assume it’s because of racist trump and his full swamp of racists and idiots.

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Our Card Game’s Go Fund Me!

Even $5.00 Helps Us Achieve Our Goal!

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rip, robin


rip, robin williams.

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I’m writing a children’s book

i'm writing a children's book and made a "book stuff" section to keep everyone updated.  the book is about half-way completed (final editing and then illustrations).

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Flight Attendant Love Doll (Sort Of)

Flight Attendant Love DollTake a look at the pic on the front, then look at what you actually get in the box after it's blown up.  So different, you might lol.  Click the pic to see the boxcover and blow-up doll better (Warning!  Takes you to a sex toy site!)

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Male Sex Doll With No Penis?


Someone please explain this male sex doll to me.  I'm confused. Not even a good "gag" gift (hehe…get it?) [Warning! Link goes to a sex toy/novelty site with sexually-explicit pics and language!]  **Update: 4/27/11 — Item is out of stock.  Really??


male sex doll with missing penis

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