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Stuff I find on the web that I think are a bargain.

Ebates – Coupons and Cash Back For You Coupon Queens :)

For those of you who are coupon queens like me, Ebates is an awesome site. But use it wisely…don’t just shop for stuff you don’t need (it’s tempting!), but rather use the site to shop for things that you were going to buy anyway 🙂

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Google Provides Free 411 Service

i hate getting hit with a 411 surcharge on my cell phone, so i was happy to find this little nugget. instead of dialing “411” for information, dial “1-800-GOOG-411”.

according to their video, if your phone has internet access you can also get a map of the neighborhood around the business you’re looking up.

most importantly, it’s free.

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Groceries At

i thought everyone knew that amazon offers groceries (bulk) for sale on their site, but when i’ve mentioned it to people they say they never realized. the catch (if you want to call it that) is that they sell in bulk, so if you want a box of kellogg’s cereal you have to buy a large quantity of them. sort of the “online costco”?

they seem to have really taken off with their organic foods section and eco-friendly household products, so if “organic and green” is your deal then you’ll definitely like their selections.

they usually have some very good sales (that change pretty often) so if you’re interested, here’s the direct link to the groceries sale page:

Groceries On Sale At Amazon – Click Here

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