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Trying to Quit Smoking With Chantix

A couple of years ago I tried Chantix to help me try to quit smoking. Oddly, it almost worked. I say “almost” because I only took it to see what it would do to me, with no real desire to quit at that time. I got down from about a pack-a-day to two cigarettes a day, which lasted for three months. When I stopped taking Chantix, those two cigs I was still smoking started tasting wonderful again and I fell back into a pack-a-day.

So…I’m trying again. This time, however, with an actual intent of quitting. Unfortunately, I’m back in the same pattern again. For 2 weeks now, I’m smoking those same two cigarettes a day at the exact same times and pattern I did before. If I can stop those two, I’ll have a real chance of quitting…but if I can’t stop the two, then I’m screwed again.

I’m 44 and have been smoking since I was 16. At a pack-a-day, I’ve smoked about 205,000 cigarettes so far. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ.

Also fueling the fire is the fact that my blood sugars went bonkers the past few months and I’m now on diet and insulin every day to get me back on track with my Type2 diabetes. The severely reduced carbs might be keeping the obligatory 10-30 pound weight gain that comes with quitting smoking, since I’m at the exact same weight since I started this.

What a roller-coaster ride…

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Turning 44 On 4/4 On Easter. A Sign Of Something?

It will be Easter when I turn 44 on 4/4. I think I read in Revelations that that’s the sign of Jesus coming back to smite us all. Sorry.

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i turned 43 on april 4, 2009. had a groovy party at “the garage” in seattle where we played pool, drank a lot, laughed even more, and my friends got to decorate my birthday cakes in any way they wanted. as you can see from a couple of the cakes i’m posting here, my friends aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

birthday cake
birthday cake - the phrase was a private joke with my friend reis obrien and the penis was...well...a penis
i actually turned 43.  weren't they clever and imaginative?  the cake in the back was called "69 nipples" designed by stephanie looney.
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I think it's funny how upset people get when I don't capitalize. I mean, it really pisses them off. I find, however, it's usually people who spend most of their days trying to feel superior to others. Seriously. Go check. Ask someone with good self-esteem if it bothers them and then ask these grammar police. My findings are those with good grammar and good self-esteem simply don't give a fuck, whereas the pedantic ones become huffy and argumentative about the topic. go test it out and then watch my theory come to fruition.

and for what it's worth…i am somewhat of an expert in grammar.  i was the managing editor for a monthly publication for two years, was in ap english, etc.  so effing what if i choose to be e.e.cummingsish in my old age?  so…ha!

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because it’s all about me

i’ve had this site since around 2000, but have never done anything with it except to play around with testing flash, graphics, cgi, and php scripts, and about anything geek-related. what i discovered is that i just don’t have the time anymore. work is (and remains to be) my first priority.

a part of me thinks it’s narcissistic to do a personal blog. i mean, why would anyone care what i’m doing or thinking? then again…many of the people out there seem to care way too much about what celebrities are doing and, although i’m no celebrity, might want to paparazzi me too (yes, i used that as a verb). for those people, i give this gift of me…in blog form.

for those who need fodder: i turned 41 on 4/4/07. i’m a gay, white, male who lived most of his life in north carolina and then moved to seattle, where i’ve been living for over 10 years now. i’ve owned a porn company for about 11 years and i’m always on the lookout for non-porn ventures, but i just don’t see any real money in non-adult sites…so porn remains my priority 🙂

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