Just Discovered That My Dad Died Last Month – Walter A. McNulty III

was poking around google and found this:

although he left us at 4 years old and i only saw him 3 or 4 times in my life. you’d think someone would’ve googled me and told me. a relative, the military…someone.

oh well…i guess now i know.

whatever your reasons for distancing yourself from me, i forgive you. rip, walter allen mcnulty iii (“Mac”). (july 12, 1942 – june 16, 2018)

[update: 8/11/2018] found my “aunt paddy” (his sister) and we’ve been communicating via email about dad’s death. she apologized for not contacting me…said she didn’t have any contact info for me. he didn’t want an obituary, so maybe this blog post is it. she was with him and cared for him until he went peacefully into the night. part of me is disappointed he didn’t contact me, but the other part is happy he had his sister there with him towards the end. just got his official death certificate in the mail, with that, i can get more info from the military…then i’ll update this post again.

[update: 8/29/2018] below is the permanent gravestone for my dad (credit goes to findagrave.com)

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New Pic Of Me :)


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Gay In Kernersville

being gay in kernersville, nc is interesting to say the least. i’ve decided to put my observations in some blog posts. soon, my pretties…

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Updated Pic Of Me :)

thought it time to post a current pic of me (and my cat, butter)


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Summer & Work

it’s been a while since i’ve posted to my blog. i’ve been very busy with summer and work, but will show you some love soon. 🙂

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I’m Not Jewish, But My Name Now Is


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Wil Wheaton Is A Dick About His Religious Beliefs

wow. just learned on google plus that wil wheaton is a dick about his religious beliefs. i just removed wesley crusher from my walls.

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my camera died after 7 years: a haiku

goodbye camera of 7 years. here is a haiku in remembrance.

seven years of pics
memories last a lifetime
too bad you didn’t

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My Haiku

the shock from nowhere
static electricity
my cat hates you, too

— allen mcnulty

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My Favorite Part Of Thanksgiving?

my favorite part of thanksgiving is the next day when i can have turkey sandwiches!

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I’m A Citizen!


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Sorta’ Cool Pic Of Me

A nifty pic of me (Allen McNulty). The text you see are some of my favorite quotes.


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My Donations For 2013



Planned Parenthood

Girl Scouts (NC & WA)

Rescue Mission (Feeds homeless on Thanksgiving…the only time anything religious gets my money)

American Cancer Society

Homes For Our Troops

Malala Fund

The Trevor Project

Cycle For Life Foundation


Western NC AIDS Project

Various Political People & Groups


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iPhone Fingerprint Debate

when i got my concealed weapons permit, they took my fingerprints and sent them to the fbi.  so…apple can have my fingerprint if they want. 🙂  (i realize that's not the whole issue, of course.)

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Anti-Gun Activists Boycott Starbucks. Really??

i like to call myself an "objective gun owner", but this seems to be a fear-based campaign by anti-gun people. i mean…concealed weapon permits are ubiquitous and, therefore, are everywhere these people go. why is starbucks the bad guy in this particular paradigm? if someone wants to go in and shoot up the place, then a sign stating "no firearms allowed on premises" isn't going to deter them.

i think their activist stand is misplaced and should be directed at the gun laws themselves. unlike my gun totin' brothers and sisters, i think extremely strict gun laws should be put into place. not as extreme as taking away sane people's guns, but rather a harsh approach at legal gun ownership and over-the-top sentences to those who have illegal guns or sell them illegally. maybe if an illegal gun is used in a crime, then mandatory life in prison (just a suggestion, without much thought).


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A Facebook Unfriend And Email I Received…


I regretfully had to unfriend you and wanted to tell you why. I don't approve of your sexual preference, but I thought I could overlook it and be friends with you on Facebook, mostly because I have always appreciated your great sense of humor. But you keep throwing it in everybody's face that you're gay with your gay posts and that's wrong.


(i deleted his name)"

my response…

"(name withheld),

i'm glad you unfriended me if that is your mindset on gay people.

you say that i kept "throwing (being gay) in everybody's face", but i never felt that was the case of you throwing your heterosexuality in my face when i saw your posts of your anniversary…or posts of you with your family and numerous pics of you and your wife in loving poses, not to mention all of your religious posts. i simply thought that you were posting your happiness of being in love and showing your pride in your faith.

i find your lack of education and tolerance to be sad and pathetic and i hope that, one day, you achieve the above and learn compassion and understanding. when you do, feel free to send me a friend request. but be warned…i'll still be funny and gay when you do.




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Gays with Guns

 i own guns and i'm gay. i don't consider myself a "gay gun owner" but more of a gay man who happens to own guns (or a gun owner who happens to be gay).


gay gun owners



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Found a potential illustrator for my children’s book

I've written a children's book and have recently found a (potential) illustrator for it.  I thought this whole thing would be a quick and easy task, but it's been over a year now and I'm still nowhere near being done.  I'm learning, though 🙂

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Cream Cheese Frosting


Cream cheese frosting (homemade!) from a friend's grandma's recipe book.  I made it in about 15 minutes 🙂

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Camcorder Tattoo Update


Shedding and healing nicely, it appears.


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Anti-Gay Comebacks (Bible)


You say the Bible says something bad towards gay people.  It also says other bad stuff.  Why pick just on gay people?  Sounds like your problem, not God's:


1.  My friend Caron is interested in selling her youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. She can read and write, speaks fluent English, and can play the piano. What would be a good price for her?


2.   Doctors and nurses insist on working on the Sabbath.  Exodus 35:2 clearly says they should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill them myself or is it okay to call the police, who, by the way, are also working on the Sabbath?


3.  Here's one that's really important, 'cause we've got a lot of sports fans in this area. Touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean, Leviticus 11:7. If they promise to wear gloves, can the Carolina Panthers still play football? Can UNC? Can high schools?


4.  Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my grandmother for planting different crops side by side?


5.  Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads?

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RIP, Brian.

I lost a beautiful, unique friend today.  He was in a bicycle accident and went into a vegetative state.  His will said not to take extreme measures and he left this world today…peacefully and surrounded by his friends.

Here is a video someone found done a very long time ago.  For those of you who want a glimpse into my 14 years on Seattle, this is a good example.


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Bits N’ Pieces

"There is nothing I love more than air-conditioning.  Walking inside an air-conditioned room from a 95 degree afternoon is the greatest panacea I've ever found.  Sometimes though, I come in from the heat only to find an oscillating fan recirculating the blistering misery.  This is the difference between the love I feel from him and the love I feel from her.  His love is cathartic, yet she doesn't even have the decency to oscillate."  –Allen McNulty

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Started Smoking Again (goddammit)

So, I went off of Chantix too soon….or….I’m weak and was unsuccessful. Either way, my opinion is that Chantix is right for me, so I’ll definitely use it again when I’m ready to try to quit smoking again. I’m very frustrated with myself right now. I was doing so well. fml

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