Looking For A Cheap Gaming Laptop? New Tech Makes Them Cheaper Right Now…

with laptops running nvidia’s new RTX graphics cards, you can get amazing deals on most gaming laptops right now (and they will continue to get lower and discontinued! 🙂

here’s a beauty on the cheap (could be totally gone by the time you read this post, so just search for “gaming laptop” on amazon to see more.)

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Star Trek Humor

was bored and thought of star trek. this is what i came up with?

u.s.s. enterprise (upon 40th attack by the borg) – “prepare to engage the borg!”

borg: “ok, ok….this time we’re serious. resistance is futile. no, seriously…we got it figured out now…”

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Mailbox Fail

are those a bunch of holes in a “secure & weatherproof” mailbox? (click it to see on amazon 🙂

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CBD Oil Recommendation-Review

i tried 2 companies for cbd oil. the first one had four typos on their packaging box. i emailed them asking what was up and they haven’t replied to my 2 follow-up emails. not putting that in my mouth/system! the other company was just a lie. not cbd oil at all. reported them to the fda and office of the attorney general. as they say, though, the 3rd time’s a charm 🙂

my nuleaf cbd oil arrived today and it is simply amazing. the taste, color, and consistency are above par…and it’s organic 🙂 i highly recommend nuleaf for your cbd oil needs. (they even offer versions for your cat or dog!)

there is no thc (the part that gets you high) in this company’s cbd oil. i think there is an allowed 0.03% maybe)

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Porn Humor

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Philanthropic Lottery Win Ideas…

trying to decide what philanthropic thing i’ll do when i hit a big lottery. there are so many issues that need money. i think paying for rape kits sitting on shelves to be processed would be one. also, the innocence project. something with animals, too, but not sure what. (comment below if you have any thoughts on this…)

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It’s Official…No More Facebook!

i deleted facebook a month ago. when i deleted it, it said it wouldn’t delete it…until after 30 days of me not signing in. what fucking hubris they have. it’s now been 34 days, so i hope (and assume) they actually deleted all of my data. since they’re thieves and liars, probably not, but hope springs eternal.

my understanding is they’ve (numerous times) shared, sold, gave, got hacked for, my (and your) data. why are you still with them???

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since i quit smoking weed a coupla’ years ago, i don’t notice it being 4:20 as much as i used to.

i do, however, notice when it’s 3:14 since i do a lot of math.

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therapist: allen, why do you think you use humor as a defense mechanism?

me: because punching people in the throat will probably land me in jail.


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Happy Black History Month (And The Unknowns)

a fairly unknown, yet extremely famous, gay/black icon. read about her heroic activism here.

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Why Aren’t You Using Ebates? It’s Super-Mega-Awesome Getting Cash!

i’ve been using ebates for at least 10 years. i get cash back via paypal on a quarterly basis. i never shop a site without clicking at ebates first! join here (it’s free, no fees, no added costs, no memberships, no spam, excellent customer service, bonus cash after activating your sign-up, coupons to choose from before shopping, and so much more!) click here to join now!

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Litter Robot (Amazing Catbox!)

purrfectly awesome!

automatic catbox

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Cat With Runny Eyes

one of my cats, thomas o’malley, has really bad runny eyes. it’s sort of a rust color. not as much when he’s awake, but really bad after he wakes up. my vet took a look and said it could be a variety of things (as did google) and, being a boy on a budget, suggested we try l-lysine for cats first…before running tons of expensive tests.

i’m happy to say it cleared him up! not completely, as he definitely has a long-term issue, but i’m highly recommending this to any of you who google this cat health problem. (always confer with your vet, first!)

click the pic for details on amazon 🙂

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Have Fun Entering Sweepstakes, But Be Careful Of Taxes (Especially On Trips)

preface: a sweepstakes is a random drawing. a contest requires a skill and is typically judged by the contest provider. also, i’m neither a lawyer or an accountant, but have been entering sweepstakes for 3 decades. i’m not endorsing anyone, caveat emptor, and void where prohibited. that said…

i love entering sweepstakes…but only the legit ones that conduct random drawings where anyone can win and has an equal chance (like coca-cola, pepsi, major food brands, major corporations, etc.) i’m still on the fence about publisher’s clearing house, but the major corporations i believe in. there’s a caveat though. be careful of taxes.

you have to pay taxes, sign affidavit’s (often required getting notarized), release them from any/all liability, etc., but the taxes are the biggie.

included with all the paperwork they send you (if the prize is $600.00 or more) is a tax form that they send to the irs. do not think for a second that you won’t have to pay the taxes, because the irs is already aware of your received prize. if i win cash, taxes are just fine…but if i win a trip, it’s not. here’s why:

i’ve never seen a sweepstakes where the value of the trip you could win didn’t have a very inflated value. in the official rules of every sweepstakes must be written the value of each prize (and you have to pay taxes on the value of that trip!). almost every trip i’ve seen, i could have scheduled it much cheaper myself. i’m not sure why their trip values are always so high, except maybe to make it sound grander than it is. at any rate, i never enter sweepstakes where a trip is the main prize. i’ve found that the taxes i’d have to pay on their deemed value is about what it would cost for me to book the trip myself. makes zero sense. plus, you usually have to travel on their specified dates. too much pressure all around.

a side note on sweepstakes taxes: the irs lets you claim “fair market value” on your prize, if you can prove it and it’s reasonable. for example: if you win a car the sweepstakes values at $50K, but you sold it to someone for $40K, you can change the value of taxes owed accordingly. one sweepstakes gave a bar of gold to the grand prize winner. at the time of the sweepstakes, its value was very, very high…but by the time the winner got the gold bar, gold prices dropped substantially. he only had to pay taxes on the “fair market value” of what he reasonably profited from the prize instead of the amount on the original tax form given to the irs.

also remember that rules, laws, guidelines can change at any moment.

and you never, ever, ever, EVER, have to pay anyone money to receive a prize from a legit sweepstakes. if they want money (for any reason), you are being scammed!

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A Lazy Day With Tommy The Cat…

instead of cleaning the house, i did this all day instead…

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Bovada bovada.lv Is A Fraud. Sent Me A Fraudulent Check That Bank Won’t Accept.

filing formal complaints in a moment with my attorney and other resources, but i want this in google for anyone using Bovada online gaming. they are a fraud and send fraudulent checks that the bank won’t accept for deposit. bovada.lv is a scam and others on google have verified this.

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Kids These Days…

kids these days…just don’t know how we’d avoid calling someone with too many zero’s in their phone number or how common it was to change the tv channel with the pliers.

comment below if you remember….

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