About Me

Just a regular guy with a diverse life and background.

I've owned my own company since 1997, when I left the world of management.  Also, I bartended for 7 years and was the managing editor for a gay/lesbian newspaper for 2 years (although you can't tell from any of my writing on here. 🙂

I'm gay and love cats…not sure if that's a stereotype or not.

I've lived in NC and Seattle and wish I had the money to go to Vegas more often!  When I hit the lottery, you can find me there.

I genuinely believe that I'm going to win the lottery and I'm genuinely surprised when I don't.

I learned HTML, cgi/perl, and php/mysql coding on my own.  No school, just figured it out.

Above all, I enjoy the kitties and the humor in people and things.   They sustain me.

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