Opt-Out Of All Marketing From Spectrum

i was getting spectrum offers in the mail twice a week…and most of the offers never applied to me (only to new customers). regardless, it was a waste.

on this page, you can opt-out of receiving all types of spectrum ads (tv, internet, snail mail, email, etc.)

i opted out of everything. i just need their internet service (which has always been very reliable in my area).

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Cat Island (Where I’ll Be Living After Winning The Lottery)

i wonder how much real estate is on cat island?

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Nothing But Amazon Coupons Page!

all of amazon’s coupons listed on their site on this page!

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Never (Ever) Use A “Free” VPN Service

these are typically offered by malware sellers and criminal organizations to, instead of protecting you, obtain all of your data and sell it.

a vpn service takes on your bandwidth and, therefore, needs payment from the customer to cover costs (and make a profit).

as they say…if it’s too good to be true…

(don’t know what a vpn is? zdnet extensively answers all of your questions in this article.)

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How To Piss Off Your Delivery People

motion-detection sprinklers.

when they walk through the yard, instead of the driveway…

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I Love This Site!

mypoints.com has been around for well over a decade. i joined about 9 years ago and absolutely love it. i know there are tons of sites trying to copy them, but they are the original. i have earned so many gift cards from them, i’ve lost count. sign up for free, get a newbie bonus ($10.00 at the time i write this.), and earn gift cards quickly and easily. click here to see.

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Life Lesson #37

don’t wash an old rug in the washing machine. continue to vacuum it. the non-slip backing broke off into trillions of tiny pieces inside my washer that i can’t get out by hand. gonna’ have to use the vacuum hose extension to get it all out. dammit.

to my benefit…i did wash it on delicate, cold, no tumble dry.

at least now i get to examine the memory foam rug/mats for comfortable standing spots like in front of the kitchen sink beside the dishwasher 🙂

it’s also the spot the cats sit on at times, because the ac/heat vent is right there 🙂

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All These New Automated Car Features…

maybe i’m just getting old, but i don’t like my car making decisions for me when i’m driving it. auto braking if it senses a certain distance or object, steering for me if i barely move over the line for a second, etc.

how about we teach people how to fuk’n drive, pay attention, obey the laws, turn their phones off, etc. instead? my driving record (knock on wood) has been crystal clean for over 30 years, btw.

i do (sort of) like the rear-view camera monitors, but i think it would take me a long time to not use my eyes. i trust my own vision, thus far, although the rear-view camera might be an added benefit in case a small child is behind me that i can’t see.

i have difficulties sometimes parallel parking, so i’d love to test that feature to see if it sucks or actually does the job.

comment below with your thoughts….

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Documentaries Have Become Too Scary

i used to love documentaries about rosa parks’ life, etc., but now they all make me never want to touch water, eat anything, or leave my house. wtf happened? i don’t feel like i’m watching the propaganda ones, but they all end up telling me it’s over and i’m going to wake up dead.

i don’t want to bury my head in the proverbial sand, but lighten the fuck up and show some positive stuff sometimes!

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Groovy Aqua Farm (Plants N’ Fish In One!)

the “AquaFarm” is more than a fish tank…it’s a tiny aquaponics system. the fish and the plants form a mini ecosystem, each element benefiting from the other. the plants filter waste from the water and the fish provides the plants with nutrients that help them sprout and grow much faster than if they were rooted in soil!

much better than the fish you won at the fair that comes in a baggie and dies the next day lol (click the pic to see more info and pricing on amazon.)

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Kill An Elephant And Then Brag?

these asshole trophy hunters kill elephants and then brag about it via pics, social media, etc. what’s the brag? i mean…the thing is the size of wyoming and typically travels in groups. where’s the skill? what’s the purpose?

shoot a fly at 100 yards and then maybe i’ll be impressed by your brag.

i own guns for home protection and haven’t been invaded by an elephant. yet.

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All These New Drug/Prescription Companies Appearing!

goodrx was the first one i noticed. signed up for them and my cost using them dropped a bunch at the pharmacy! lately though, “blink” has appeared and got great reviews, so i tried them and my prescriptions were even less! it’s free to sign up, so get your blink account/card now! (i have no insurance, btw 🙁

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I Wonder What People Would Think When I’m Running Errands In This?

cat shirt. if it’s still up. i reported them for keyword stuffing. says you have to buy 2 sizes larger than you normally would. great shirt, crappy seller.

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Seeing These Ads As A Child…

i’ve been smoking since age 16, unfortunately.

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an actual product on amazon. click the pic. comment below…

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For Some Of You Out There…

these pretzels are making me thirsty!

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Want To Feel Old? (Watch This)

i grew up with this phone (and many like it).

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